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21-09-2021   Новини Cтудреспубліки  /  Україна
«Перша Леді» — коли красива особистість

«Перша Леді» — це не просто почесний титул, це спосіб життя, бо необхідно відповідати високим вимогам краси особистості, що обов'язково включають інтелект й активну громадянську позицію. А найкрасивішою студенткою України, яка виборола корону «Першої Леді Студреспубліки-2021/2022», стала буковинка Надія Савчак.

30-08-2021   –Не відображати  / 

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19-07-2021   Новини ВМГО "Студентська республіка"  /  Україна
Apocalypse Now: Will We Finally Accept the Challenge to Build Radically Different Ukraine?

The old life is rotten. This is clear and obvious to everyone but those who feed on lives of millions of the most deluded, oppressed and dazzled ‘dumb slaves’. But if we are not unicellular amoebas, we should be capable for the real task. For what justification can there be for the state, the leadership, the management other than breaking the shackles of hopeless walking in a vicious circle, innovating our co-living and building Radically Different Ukraine — for the New World where those rusty shackles will be broken everywhere. That's precisely why during ХХІІІ International Student's Republic Program we will be working on the theme ‘Radically Different Ukraine for the New World’ together with the best of the youth and intellectuals from all Ukrainian regions. Join us! [+ avatars]

15-03-2021   Новини ВМГО "Студентська республіка"  /  Україна
Come on to ‘Poetically Tailor the Universe’ with Us!

Winter Studrespublika XIII with topic ‘(R)evolutionary plan for progress of Ukraine and humankind’ has just finished in the Carpathians. What were the main conclusions? Revolutionary events both in Ukraine and around the world are close and inevitable. Together we still can influence whether it will be a progressive revolution. Otherwise — given the degree of ruling groups' cynicism and the masses’ zombie-consciousness and classdegradation — even more savagery, archaism, and misfortune await us ahead.

08-02-2021   Новини ВМГО "Студентська республіка"  /  Україна
How to Build New Ukraine?

Despite all the hopes and dreams back from 30 years ago this year we have to face the anniversary of our independence as the poorest and the most backward country in Europe dealing with a war within our borders, an imperialist invasion, secessions of regions, external controls, and even worse — confusion, spite, and constant finger-pointing. However, this is not the norm. This is not how it should be! And the Republicans always emphasize that we are ready to take on the historical responsibility. That is why the topic of WiSR-XIII in the Carpathians is ‘(R)evolutionary plan for progress of Ukraine and humankind‘. We invite you on February 26 ‒ March 1. Join us! Sign up!

16-01-2021   Новини ВМГО "Студентська республіка"  /  Полтава
(Р)еволюційний план для прогресу Полтавщини: який він? (оновлено)

Із 19 по 21 лютого на базі ДЗОВ «Ерудит» (с. Потоки, Кременчуцький р-н) проходитиме найінтелектуальніша подія на Полтавщині — Х ювілейний Полтавський етап проєкту «Зимова Студреспубліка» на тему: «(Р)еволюційний план для прогресу Полтавщини». Запрошуємо до участі активних полтавців/ок (не тільки студентів/ок), незалежно від віку, статі, посад, статків, політичних позицій, релігійних уподобань, мови, національності, культури, звичаїв і соціального статусу. Головний критерій — бажання творення прогресу.

04-12-2020   Новини ВМГО "Студентська республіка"  /  Україна
Долучайтеся до конкурсу «Кращий студент України»!

У нашій освіті надзвичайно багато проблем, суперкриза і пандемія їх лише посилили — але, попри все, ∼1,3 млн студентів і студенток навчаються в українських вишах. Студреспубліка дає можливість проявити свої знання й таланти, взявши участь у 10 номінаціях Всеукраїнської конкурсної програми «Кращий студент України». Реєструйтеся!

27-10-2020   –Не відображати  / 
Логин в Метрике

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16-08-2020   Новини Cтудреспубліки  /  Україна
Extra Efforts for Progress and Justice: Nobody but Us!

The finals of XXII Studrespublika will be held during 22–25 August, 2020 at the bank of the Black sea in Skadovsk (Kherson Oblast, Yuri Gagarin DHC). The biggest Ukrainian open space for dialogue, in-depths discussions, and presentations of groundbreaking ideas will gather the most active youth and the most advanced intellectuals for common work on the topic ‘Extra Efforts for Progress and Justice’. Join us! Sign up online! [+ Profile frames]

14-07-2020   Новини ВМГО "Студентська республіка"  /  Україна
Extra Efforts for Progress and Justice: How to get Ukraine out of the Abyss

There is no bottom in sight, and lames are becoming something to be proud of. Life keeps getting worse while the war seems to be endless... Historical analysis and our vast Republican experience show us very clearly that progress and justice require way more than starry-eyed intents and big dreams yet alone empty rhetoric on values — we have to actually make the EXTRA EFFORTS. That's precisely why during ХХІІ International Student’s Republic Program together with the best youth and intellectuals from all over Ukraine we will be working on the theme ‘Extra Efforts for Progress and Justice’. Join us!

Презентація у Полтаві. 13-04-2020   Аналітика  /  Світ
The Citizen is Back

The author is Professor Emeritus of History at the University of Montreal, co-editor of Demodernization: A Future in the Past (Columbia University Press): ‘Once the pandemic subsides, vital conclusions must be drawn and implemented. Many citizens have become painfully aware that the invisible hand of the market is no more than a useless extremity, as the sacrosanct laws of supply and demand have failed them. So did profit-driven globalization’.

11-03-2020   Новини ВМГО "Студентська республіка"  /  Україна
Is Revolution Inevitable?!

Winter Studrespublika XII with topic ‘Progress between the evolution and revolution’ has just finished in the Carpathians. The results are extremely responsible. They wish everything was calm, but the harsh challenges facing Ukraine leave no time. Progress through wide, seriously institutionalized, public dialogue throughout our country is the best way, but the burst of popular enthusiasm and the situation of innovative jerk is better to occur under the conditions of a progressive revolution. For sure, we wish revolution would be ‘quiet’.

28-01-2020   Новини ВМГО "Студентська республіка"  /  Україна
How Can We Get Out of Hopelessness?

As everything happened last year: Not for Myself, but for Everyone! Як вирватися з прірви «безнадьоги»? (укр)         Summer — for active and ambitious! Winter — for the best and smart! Unfortunately, after 30 years of independence and opportunity of free political participation for Ukrainians, we turned into a periphery with external […]

01-01-2020   Новини ВМГО "Студентська республіка"  /  Світ
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Sincere congratulations on New Year and Christmas holidays!We wish to all people of the world and Ukraine particularly peace, love, justice, progress and understanding.

14-11-2019   Аналітика  /  Світ
In Search of the Ukrainian Vector!

‘The Republicans‘ goal – Ukraine in the Top-20 most developed countries in the world (since we have already been there). To discuss this goal Studerespublika organized Civic Lyceum I in Kyiv. Its topic was ‘Progressive Agenda for Humanity and Ukrainian Subjectivity’.