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18-10-2021 / Новини Cтудреспубліки /  Україна

‘Fear not the Morning’s Gloomy Shade!’

«Досвітній огонь запали!» (укр)

Final of XXIII Studrespublika on the topic ‘Radically Different Ukraine for the New World’ was held during 21–24 August, 2021 at the bank of the Black sea in Lazurne. People of long-term goodwill and progress gathered from all over Ukraine to work together to find answers to the most difficult problems in the conditions of the unique format of the quasi-state and the peculiar reactor of the future. 30th anniversary of Independence gives us an honest direction for reflection and activity [+ video]. 

No Super Crisisquarantine restrictions, or systematic pressure on the organization and its leaders can stop get in the way of the biggest Ukrainian open space for dialogue, in-depths discussion, and presentation of groundbreaking ideas. 

For Final of XXIII Studrespublika (Kherson region, Lazurne, ‘Mayak’)*, which summarized Republicans’ work over 23 years of daily tireless efforts and unbreakable will for positive change, gathered the winners of the regional StudrespublikasStudent Mayors and deputies of Student Magistrates, active students, advanced nonconformist youth, leading intellectuals.

Conclusion made by Republicans, details of the OAG and the bright multi-festival part, also ― who was elected as the Students’ President and the Deputies of the Students’ Parliament of Ukraine ― read the official post-release.

The old life is rotten. This is clear and obvious to everyone but those who feed on lives of millions of the most deluded, oppressed and dazzled ‘dumb slaves’. But if we are not unicellular amoebas, we should be capable for the real task. For what justification can there be for the state, the leadership, the management other than breaking the shackles of hopeless walking in a vicious circle, to start the movement on the modernization course, innovating our co-living and building Radically Different (Інакша) Ukraine ― for the New World where those rusty shackles will be broken everywhere?

Energy, Hope and Future can be found exclusively in daring to get out of the usual self-devouring scenarios that were imposed on us. At Studrespublika people of long-term goodwill help Ukraine’s healing and find answers to the most difficult problems and challenges. And to put these answers into practice together.






The result arises from extra efforts and presents an opportunity to create the Radically Different. To innovate you need free thinking. And to think freely you need a basis. It can be either in social situation understanding and disenchantment of the Determinate and after that mastering the normative thinking and going beyond it; or a feat of meaningful hermitry. 

Pavlo Viknyanskyy, the leader of Republicans of Ukraine, during the opening ceremony of Final of XXIII Studrespublika-2021 pronounced: ‘Let’s show that Radically Different Ukraine as Ukraine without lies and corruption, without poverty, inequality and fraud, without mispresent and hate is possible. We will build it with you ― Ukraine in the top-20 most developed countries in the world! Either we can, or we’re all just meaningless things. I am sure that a Radically Different Ukraine will definitely rise for the New World!’

The head of the Skadovsk District State Administration Mykhailo Pavlish, entrepreneur Oleksii Burbak and deputy of Ukraine of III, IV convocation Oleg Petrov also gave a speech. 

The Studrespublika was visited by the General Director of Ukroboronprom State Concern, The Head of the Kherson Regional State Administration (2019–2020), expert and alumnus of Studrespublika Yuriy Husyev, who talked to the participants and answered urgent questions.

The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Family, Youth Policy, Sports and Tourism Vasyl Mokan and President of the Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Prime Minister of Ukraine (2001–2002) Anatoliy Kinakh sent a congratulatory messages for participants and organizers of Final.







As is known, the uniqueness of the OAG lies in being able to achieve not only Future Shock, but also futurological resonance, i.e. a situation that reflects general and projected socio-political situation in Ukraine. That’s why highly detailed results of the OAG often come true in real politics next seasons.

As the Great Game-2021 witnessed that in Ukraine level of thinking is critically low. In order to break with the globally profaned future, we must break with the present and the current, we need Radically Different, thus there is a need not-normative thinking and brave imagination ― things that hold up the longterm will.

Within the Game formed 2 main positions: Progressors and People of the World (globalists-enlighteners). ‘Progressors were mimicked from the IQ-caste separation concept to the Human development mentoring concept. It was typically situation when manipulation of values’ demagogy increase neoliberal hegemony.

People of the World’ presented a global progressive network for decide global challenges — include revolutionary way. But in practice amorphousness, cowardice and conformism call into question the ability to overcome the demodernization mainstream.






Oleksandr Mamay (a student of Poltava State Medical University (Poltava Region, ‘People of the World’ Party)) won elections of the Student’ President of Ukraine.

The results of competition between parties in base on position in OAG were as follows: ‘People of the World’ and ‘Progressors’ received 43% and 57%, in the Student’ Parliament of Ukraine-2021/2022 were elected: Rostyslav Babenko (Vinnytsia region), Bohdan Zhaliy (Poltava region), Iryna Zhemela (Poltava region), Anastasia Zhuk (Chernihiv region), Daniil Yefimchuk (Poltava region), Polina Kompaniets (Chernihiv region), Oleksandr Korolyov (Poltava region), Volodymyr Mykhailyuk (Chernivtsi region), Yevhen Obshytosh (Chernivtsi region), Yaroslav Sporysh (Poltava region).

The experts — Serhiy Belashko, Georgiy Kasianov, Anatoliy Kychynsky, Dmytro Marunych, Andrii Okara, Oleg Petrov, Fr. Anthony Rudy, Anastasiia Simakhova, Igor Tkachenko and others — worked 3 days with participants, carried faculties and provided consultation. Serhiy Datsyuk and Mikhail Minakov read the electives via Skype, and Yakov Rabkin (Canada) joined the night round table also via Skype.

In addition to a very intensive compelling program, participants non-stop competed in 20 sub-festivals and had an excellent opportunity to enjoy meaningful spending of leisure time and the Southern sun and sea.







Along with the closing ceremony took place a spectacular beauty contest of the personality the First Lady (Persha Lady) were won Nadiya Savchak (a student of Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University).

The prolongation of the current decline deprives us of even a hint of the Future. Radically Different Ukraine for the New World, as shown by Final Studrespublika-2021, is possible only if we go beyond the mainstream framework. The releasing of our country can be a guiding light and a chance for the whole world!

We accepted the challenge! How about you?

* Adequate and fully legal quarantine regulations must be complied with at the event

1  Inavations — usually unexpected discovery of Radically Different. This is not a technology. It is always untimely and inappropriate. We must understand that not everything new is Radically Different, but everything Radically Different is new. And it generates a whole number of subsequent inavations. Solidarity without dominance (a deliberative process) is required for inavations to happen.
2  Modernization course means resumption of normal human life, establishment of extensive freedoms and implementation a lot of progressive innovations and inavations.

* * *

Organizers: NGO Students’ Republic
Partners: Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Kherson Regional State Administration, Skadovsk District State Administration, K&K Group, JYSK, Graviton Company, edition Summit Book, BIOKON, Navigator, Estravaganza, NDLM 
Information partners: TV channel OTV, Stylish Radio Perets FM, Telegram-channel Opportunities, SendPulse, Koine.Community


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Автор: The Press Office of Studrespublika