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14-03-2018 / Новини ВМГО "Студентська республіка" /  Україна

People of Long-Term Goodwill are Our Agents of Change!

Люди довгої доброї волі – наші агенти змін! (укр)

аваJubilee Winter Studrespublika X held in the Carpathians, Bukovyna, and themed as Ukraine and humanity: what can we do for the World? was looking for answers to the cornerstone questions for existence of Ukraine. The search for new meanings for global humanity is a task not just of our survival, but also of the transition to an advanced development. The participants and experts worked together on the future that will arose because of the development of artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotics, biotechnology and cyber-implantation, and other things like that.

We have global problems: the rehabilitation of war as a ‘non-wack’ instrument, the threat of a nuclear disaster, xenophobia, terrible ecology, poverty and increasing inequality, the threat of digital, robotic and transhumanist non-freedom, primitivization of global goals, etc. The squadron of the ships of humanity enters the space of fog, where every wrong move leads to death. Moreover, the Ukrainian boat is barely ahead of everyone… Still carefully interfering with others, because its navigation devices show a fake picture. What did the Republicans, progressive Ukrainians and advanced experts invented on 2-5 th March 2018 during WiSR-X – read below.

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield!

All of us are part of humankind. As not only individual peoples, states, but also civilian civilization. Which is now experiencing one of the biggest crises in its history. It so happened, that this is our time. This is our life.



It is already evident that an attempt to transfer all problems to someone, even the opponents, the lack of an innovative development strategy and a healthy attitude to civil virtues and politics, an adequate perception of problems not only in our corner of the world, but globally, leads to degradation. We will not overcome it without offering Ukraine, and, most importantly, the World and Humanity, a new way, new horizons, a new will, a new, intelligent solidarity.

Pavlo Viknуanskyy, the leaderIMG_4178 of the Republicans of Ukraine, during the founding report, put the question point-blank: ‘Is freedom awaiting for us, in its true sense — free creativity as the highest manifestation of the human spirit? Or is our destiny an oblivion, a humus for other projects and mourning as hopeless, but very proud of itself province of the world?’ During the opening, friends and partners of Studrespublika — a social activist, entrepreneur Oleksiy Burbak and director of Graviton Company Vitaliy Chornousenko also spoke.

During the organizational activity game, several positions on the future of humankind were formed: virtual reality, immortality, new forms of energy, a package of biotechnological support, the examotion from biological slavery, the world without the poor, the plan of the spiritual hierarchy of the planet, etc., but only four main positions survived to the finale:

  • Engines, a position that worked on the making an organization capable of enlightening humanity with the meanings of freedom and equal opportunities in the modern world;
  • Education, its authors worked on the modernization of education, fixing no alternative of new enlightenment. It was a key position of the Game, which consolidated all the participants and experts;
  • Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO): development of artificial intelligence and virtual reality;
  • Exemption from biological slavery, a position that worked out scenarios for the transition to virtual life.


OAG has shown that breakthrough technologies do not guarantee the development of the world; on the contrary, we are threatened by a new archaism. In this situation, it is only possible to form processes, organizations and people capable of working in a situation of large-scale changes. So, the key to what we can do for the world is to prepare people who are capable of critical thinking and reflection. It means that we have to take on the task of new enlightenment.





The final presentation of stitching reflects the organization’s ability to form a so-called navigators to the world of the future (N) and through education and enlightenment (ОБР) to create ‘people of long-term goodwill’ (ЧДДВ) who will act as ‘agents of changes’ (Агент), which are creatively implemented (Тв.рез.), while, such activity has to be constantly reflected (Р.ц.) and continue on the basis of already reflected knowledges. When the virtual world becomes a reality, a similar work should happen in the Virtual, where we must take into account the role of artificial intelligence (ИИ). So, education, including 100% higher education should become the basis for the future of the world.


The experts side by side with the participants throughout all that period were highly qualified specialists in various fields who read the electives for more qualitative work on the topic of the Game, and some of the experts eventually took the marker and laptop into their hands — and, from the standpoint of the player, proved their vision of the future and the role of Ukraine.









The philosopher Serhiy Datsyuk read a report called ‘After humanity’, a political scientist and political philosopher Andrii Okara had an elective ‘New man’ as the target and subject of the development of a new Ukraine (the anthropological dimension of modernization)’, economist Volodymyr Vlasyuk dealt with the question ‘The new industrialization of Ukraine. What can Ukraine give to the world: people and raw materials or high-tech goods?’, while TV presenter and art critic Andriy Metlyov spoke on ‘Aesthetics of the future as a theory of new sensuality’.


In addition, through Skype, there were faculty guiding by worldwide-known intellectuals: philosopher Mikhail Minakov (‘The Future of the Revolution’), political scientist Andrey Yermolaiev and Professor of History of the Université de Montréal Dr. Yakov Rabkin (‘Modernization in the conditions of global multiculturalism’).



After Game finished, all participants and experts were awarded with diplomas and interesting books, the most productive — with gifts as well. There were people who got red diplomas with honors and a whole bunch of cool stuff. They are Danylo Kryvoshei (Zhytomyr region) and Yevhen Shcherbak (Poltava region/Kyiv).










On March 5, many more pleasant surprises awaited for the participants in Chernivtsi: visiting the art-gallery ‘Art Sweet Znannya’ at Steinberg str., a tour to the Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, as well as a meeting with the leaders of Bukovyna — in the sessional hall of the city hall with Chernivtsi Mayor Oleksiy Kaspruk, and then in the premises of the regional state administration with Governor Oleksandr Fyshchuk and his deputy Vasyl Hostyuk, the chairman of the regional council Ivan Muntyan. The participants of the WiSR-X shared the results of the project and publicly discussed the need for real decentralization, an innovative way of development of Ukraine and communities, tools for civil society support and creativity and intellection among young people stimulation.




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Organizers: NGO Students’ Republic.
Organizing support: Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
Partners: Graviton Company, BIOKON, JYSK, edition Summit Book, consulting company K&K Group, SendPulse, GURT Resource Centre, magazine Common.


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