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15-03-2021 / Новини ВМГО "Студентська республіка" /  Україна

Come on to ‘Poetically Tailor the Universe’ with Us!

Нумо, з нами поетично кроїти Всесвіт! (укр)

Winter Studrespublika XIII with topic ‘(R)evolutionary plan for progress of Ukraine and humankind’ has just finished in the Carpathians. What were the main conclusions? Revolutionary events both in Ukraine and around the world are close and inevitable. Together we still can influence whether it will be a progressive revolution. Otherwise — given the degree of ruling groups’ cynicism and the masses’ zombie-consciousness and classdegradation — even more savagery, archaism, and misfortune await us ahead. 

Despite all the hopes and dreams back from 30 years ago this year we have to face the anniversary of our independence as the poorest and the most backward country in Europe dealing with a war within our borders, an imperialist invasion, secessions of entire regions, external controls, and even worse — confusion, spite, and constant finger-pointing. The Republicans aware that this is not the norm. This is not how it should be! People of long-term goodwill and those who tried to become ones were developing remaining opportunities for the Future, Progress and Modernization on February 26 ‒ March 1, 2021 at WiSR-XIII in Bukovyna*. Details — in the final release.

‘Fear not the morning’s gloomy shade,
Dawn’s foregleams flash with their bright blades
Long ere the crimson lights the skies’
Lesya Ukrainka

It’s obvious that the people of Ukraine are in no way satisfied with what seems to be a program of self-destruction: degradation, demodernization, eternal power, terrible decline for the vast majority of population and the country as a whole — and at the same time luxurious conditions for several hundred families mostly living abroad and their cynical servants.

Republicans not only systematically serve for the Renaissance of Ukraine, make a research and conceptual solutions about progress, Ukrainian and world’s modernization but also organize others. We aware our responsibility to make solidarity MAXIMUM EXTRA EFFORT to overcome this Super Crisis and make the New Ukraine one of the top-20 countries by the standard of living of citizens of the world! And it is an exciting way.

To break out of this gap we need historical scale, massive ideas, powerful energy, super active and brave decisions, very high levels of cooperation, mobilization, mutual trust, and the capacity for thinking. And these are exactly what WiSR and other Republican activities are boosting.

Pavlo Viknуanskyy, the leader of Republicans of Ukraine, appealed to the participants during the installation report: ‘We need a (R)evolutionary plan for progress of Ukraine and humankind. A plan so daring and inavative it has no historical equivalents. We invite you to History! We encourage everyone to dream of becoming not just some small business owner or a manager (although there’s nothing wrong with that) — but a creator of the world around! Came on to ‘poetically tailor the Universe with us!

Friends and partners of Studrespublika — social activist, entrepreneur Oleksii Burbak visited opening ceremony with congratulations for participants. The participants were also greeted by the Deputy Head of the Chernivtsi Region Council, ex-Head of the Chernivtsi Region State Administration Mykhailo Pavliuk.

Organizing activity game was very intense. In a unique intellectual and creative holiday, where creation of powerful and meaningful  alternative solutions had to be developed every minute, participants (including expert players) developed a variety of progressive positions. The following ones lasted until the very end:

  • method-scientific — position envisions creation of ‘Datsyuk-Okarohrad’inavative polis-commune of thinkers, philosophers and scientists — to solve global-allhummans problems, such as preservation of global knowledge and enlightenment, restoration of thinking on its deepest levels, expansion of humankind’s horizons, long-term futurological forecasting, raising of progressors, ‘smoothing’ of transition during crises and Super Crises, and in their aftermath — restoring the modernizing path of development and prevention of existential threats for humankind (project ‘Ark’). The polis-commune will synthesize methodological, practical, scientific, prognostic and other ‘sectoral districts’ into joint collective activities that will provide self-reproducing impetus for human development and preserve it in time and space;
  • anarchist position envisions through social-democratic agenda, close strong cooperation with trade unions and struggle for gender equality (project ‘Sweden 2.0’) — creation of a global association of equal communities with equal participants where an AI helps to handle creation and distribution of shared benefit while important decisions and disputes are solved in general assemblies. Implementation of the ‘anarchist plan’ will lead to overcoming alienation, exploitation, war, and elimination of gender inequality and other disparities will become an ongoing task.

It’s worth noting that throughout the Game a very detailed and well-presented capitalist neoliberal concept (including its dirigistic variant) showed its complete inability to improve and develop in the context of leading Ukraine and humankind out of the global Super Crisis. In other words, evolution as continuation of the present (and even more so its existing form of parasitic imitation) leads only to deterioration under any circumstances.

In a revolutionary situation at the end of the Game it turned out that very massive and consolidated but theory-wise weak and not ready for constant practice of thinking ‘anarchist group-position’ was ineffective until representatives of the ‘method-scientific position’ who managed to overcome their intellectual selfishness and fear of responsibility (not only for History but also for other people the here and now) lend them a hand.







WiSR has shown that a tight combination of efforts from intellectuals and activists for large-scale sociopolitical creativity and out-of-the-mainstream solutions is needed to get out of the global Super Crisis. However, this will require extra-extra efforts.

Expert players were directly immersed in the Game processes: they worked on the positions, correlated with them, and — for full immersion in the Game — hosted electives. The world-famous Ukrainian philosopher Mikhail Minakov started with his report ‘Politics and Progress: The Ukrainian Dimension’. An elective ‘Revolutionary theory in the counter-revolutionary age. The aspect of Ukrainian ‘revival’ and new national-state self-determination in Europe’ was hosted by journalist and philosopher Andriy Metlyov to problematize intellectual searching.

Political scientist and philosopher Andrii Okara spoke on the topic ‘The new complex human as a subject of history: anthropological dimension of modernization’. Priest and psychologist Fr. Antonii Rudyi contemplated about ‘Personal plan for development of the self and the environment as integral part of evolution of humankind’.

There was participants rewarding ceremony at the end of the event. All of the participants received their diplomas. The winners of Winter Studrespublika XIII (without first place award) — Artem Nikolenko, II place (Poltava region/Kyiv), and Oleksandra Gurnyk, III place (Kyiv region) — were awarded with ‘red’ diplomas with honors, gifts, amazing books from the partners of WiSR, and certificates for participation in the Final of the Studrespublika XXIIІ.

On the final day the participants had a wonderful excursion to the Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University. It was followed by a meeting with the Head of Chernivtsi Region State Administration Sergii Osachuk and the Head of Chernivtsi Region Council Oleksiy Boyko right in the Governor’s office, and right after — a meeting with the Mayor of Chernivtsi Roman Klichuk in his office in the Chernivtsi City Hall. All local leaders promised to efficiently help the Bukovyna stage of Studrespublika’s Summer Cycle and participation of its delegation in the Final, and supported the idea of internships for the best of young leaders and professionals in projects and programs of Studrespublika in the Region State Administration structures and the Region Council commissiones.

And the newly elected Mayor promised to finally complete the introduction of the the Republican-initiated Volodymyr Karahyaur Municipal Award.

Let’s change the world! For as it was said at WiSR-XIII, ‘our refusal to change the world leads to our current inability to even describe this world’.

* * *

Organizers: NGO Students’ Republic.
Organizing support: Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
Partners: Graviton Company, Edition Summit Book, BIOKON, Navigator, FinBERT, SendPulse, Commons Journal, Koine.Community, Telegram-channel Opportunities.

* Adequate and fully legitimate quarantine regulations were required to be complied with at the event


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Автор: The Press Office of Studrespublika