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11-03-2020 / Новини ВМГО "Студентська республіка" /  Україна

Is Revolution Inevitable?!

Революція – неминуча?! (укр)

Winter Studrespublika XII with topic ‘Progress between the evolution and revolution’ has just finished in the Carpathians. The results are extremely responsible. They wish everything was calm, but the harsh challenges facing Ukraine leave no time. Progress through wide, seriously institutionalized, public dialogue throughout our country is the best way, but the burst of popular enthusiasm and the situation of innovative jerk is better to occur under the conditions of a progressive revolution. For sure, we wish revolution would be ‘quiet’.

After almost 30 years of independence and opportunity of free political creativity for Ukrainians, we turned into a periphery with external control. Neither evolution nor revolutions hadn’t led to social progress. How to save Ukraine and turn it into a path of development, the best experts and activists investigated on February 21-24, 2020. During the WiSR-XII in Bukovyna. Details – in the final release.

‘Human is an effort being human’
Merab Mamardashvil

There wasn’t any bottom: we just continue to fall. The clans controlling Ukraine are now in the final stage of embezzlement. To break out of the abyss, of course, you need a historical scale, grand ideas, powerful energy, super-creative and bold decisions.

Republicans not only systematically serve for the Renaissance of Ukraine, make a research and conceptual solutions about progress, Ukrainian and world`s modernization but also organize others. And all our previous experience shows: the question ‘WHAT can we do?’ has no sense without understanding of WHO can and will do this.

And if non-imitative discourse on modernization and innovations and inavations (інавації) are possible only in giggles or silence in Ukraine, then Republican activities, in particular the WiSR-XII, are precisely those places where this topic is everything and everyone.

Accordingly, we tried to assemble for the Game special people – those construction workers who are capable of both progressive, evolutionary work, and the strain of revolutionary change. Those who are from people, together with people and for people? Who chooses not easy ways and petty-bourgeois ‘happiness’, but understands what is to serve people and be responsible for citizens, ‘for his friends’?

Pavlo Viknуanskyy, the leader of Republicans of Ukraine, appealed to the participants with a number of systemic questions during the installation report: ‘How can the subjects of development, modernization become strong, powerful, survive? How to engage and direct our common knowledge, achievements, energy to the right track at the ‘X’ time? How to gnaw while firmly shrugging your shoulders?’.

Friends and partners of Studrespublika — social activist, entrepreneur Oleksii Burbak and director of Graviton Company Vitaliy Chornousenko visited opening ceremony with congratulations for participants.

Organizing activity game was intellectual and creative. In the unique intellectual and creative holiday where there is a spirit of true solidarity, positive competition and creation of powerful alternative solutions participants and experts developed some progressive positions:

  • a dialogue society, that creates maximum conditions for dialogue between citizens with each other and with the state. Combines tools of deliberative and direct democracy, fills them with non-imitative content;
  • international solidarity of developing countries, for upholding common interests, in particular in international organizations, counteracting the hegemony of the center of the World System, implementation of common innovative, socio-economic, political, ecological, humanitarian projects;
  • universal wealth encompassed the creation and implementation of a new social compact around ideas of equality of rights, opportunities and equitable sharing of resources and income.

At the end of the Game, participants were divided on  revolutionaries and ‘evolutionaries’. More energy, conceptualism and systematic were provided by the revolutionary minds and there were many more. At the same time, practically all the experts decided to be with the ‘evolutionaries’. Extrapolating to events in Ukraine means that, in the face of degradation, the revolution is almost inevitable, but its resources and intellectual will be very difficult. However, it does give the chance to keep the demons of the revolution in a civilized framework.

The Game’s experts worked active, keenly but competently, criticizing and evaluating positions, as well as reading electives for a full-fledged, immersive the Game.





The world-famous philosopher Mikhail Minakov started with a brilliant report ‘Practice of the revolution: progressive and conservative revolutionary programs’. But the original philosopher Serhiy Datsyuk read an elective on ‘Working with the future’.

Political scientist Serhiy Belashko discussed ‘What is a real revolution?’, and priest, psychologist Fr. Antonii Rudyi devoted his elective to the theme ‘Evolution… Love and what between them’.

‘Peacekeeping journalism as a necessity for progress at all times’ is the topic of the journalist, prisoner of conscience Ruslan Kotsaba. Professor of History of the Université de Montréal Dr. Yakov Rabkin (Canada), during his Skype elective, spoke in detail about ‘The lessons of the ‘Quiet revolution’ in Quebec’.

The Skype elective of the philosopher Andriy Ermolaev on the topic of ‘Postgeopolitics’: on the way to the era of ‘great deals’ became an important stage for changing the scale of analysis and activity in the Game. And finally, the poignant question, ‘Are we all going? Reality versus patriotism’ was discussed during the elective of political scientist and sociologist Georgiy Chyzhov.

There was participants and experts rewarding ceremony at the end of the event, all received diplomas, and the most active – great books. The winners of the Winter Studrespublika XII (without first place award) were Dmitro Rogozny (Kharkiv region) and Andriy Gritsenko (Kyiv), who were awarded with ‘red’ diplomas with honors, gifts and books from WiSR partners, certificates for participation in  the Final of the Studrespublika XXII.

On the last day participants visited  one of the points of evolutionary growth, the ‘new industrialization’ – a modern enterprise of the real sector of the economy, which produces the lining for ‘Dacia’ car seats (created on the basis of partners of the Studrespublika – Graviton plant). Next – had a wonderful excursion to the Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, had a meeting with Mayor Oleksiy Kaspruk in Chernivtsi City Hall, during which they discussed, in particular, the acceleration of the Republican-initiated Volodymyr Karahyaur Municipal Award, and on completion of the program talked to the first deputy of Chernivtsi Regional State Administration Iryna Isopenko.


* * *

Organizers: NGO Students’ Republic.
Organizing support: Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
Partners: Graviton Company, Edition Summit Book, Navigator, BIOKON, SendPulse, Koine.Community, Commons Journal, Telegram-channel Opportunities.


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Автор: The Press Office of Studrespublika