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02-09-2016 / Новини Cтудреспубліки /  Україна

Challenge Accepted: Modernizing Ukraine!

Виклик прийнято: модернізуймо Україну! (укр)
Вызов принят: модернизируем Украину! (рус)  

ПечатьDuring 24-27 of August, 2016 at the Black Sea Arrow (the Black Sea coast, Mykolaiv region, Ochakiv district, Chornomorka resort, Wellness center Zhemchuzhina) there was the Final of Studrespublika XVIII. Active and caring young Ukrainians and leading experts during 3 days were working on the topic: The positive scenarios of modernization of Ukraine: the role of communities and youths. Studrespublikais not just a mirror of Ukrainian society, it’s an attempt to build more positive and better country. Once again we have seen the results of this great game 2016.

Every year the Final of Studrespublika collects the best young and experienced people to write positive scenarios of modernization that is needed today for Ukraine together. Read the official post-release if you want to know whether the goal has been achieved, how the multi-festival part has gone and who has been elected as new Student President and members of the Student Parliament of Ukraine.

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Participants from all Ukraine took part in the Final of Studrespublika. The emphasis was on organizational-activity game, in which experts along with activists in the mode of intense debate produced various scenarios for the future of Ukraine, bringing with them the positive concepts and scenarios.

DSC_1135During the opening the welcoming speech to Studrespublika was pronounced by leader of the Republicans Pavlo Viknyanskyy, who said that the country needs immediate upgrading, which can make only young, progressive, intelligence Ukrainians, which really care about the future of our country. And here, at the Final of Studrespublika, they work towards a positive scenarios of the future, because it is a positive belief in the future we need.

The welcoming speech was pronounced by the Chairman of Ochakiv State Administration Serhiy Samoukov, also the greeting to the finalists of the Studrespublika-2016 from the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Andriy Parubiy and the Minister of Culture of Ukraine Yevhen Nyshchuk were read.

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Organizational activity game reflected the mood of the Ukrainian society and major trends:

  • an agrarian super-state, that focuses not only on the production of grain, but in the deep processing of it, as food production. Ukraine is able to independently provide 500 million people around the world a complete diet and it is our undeniable advantage that we just started using. Development potential in this area is really very significant;
  • electronic governance as the basis of the domestic IT market and the transition from outsourcing to create their own production software. Ukraine has about 100 thousand technical experts whose level of preparation is a very high and the potential of IT can be one of the key sectors of the economy;
  • several groups discussed the issues of development of Ukraine and offered to focus more comprehensive not only on IT but also on the development of mechanical engineering, which is in a difficult situation due to the loss of Russian market, but reoriented from the region to the world as a whole;
  • among others — was created a party of peace and party of war. They claimed that the modernization of Ukraine is impossible without end of the war, because it is first necessary to concentrate resources on how to end the conflict and with it were offered two radically opposite approaches to solving this problem: active attack on war to win the last Ukrainian or… sell Crimea and East Ukraine to Russia.

There was also sounded the approach to the problem of war as a bet on a strong authoritarian leader to establish order and realize the script of a powerful military-patriotic education of the nation as the basis for a strong state. However, the aggressive militaristic approach has not passed through the crucible of the game, dominating most of the youth in the Final of Studrespublika convinced to finding peace formula (certainly without civil humiliation).

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Further development of the game has created two concepts, which can positively modernize Ukraine:
1. science and youth — the foundation of the future of Ukraine, with such approach party of winners had advocated. The position launched from mega-group of the left was based on the development of innovative production and support of young people to create real innovation production in Ukraine;

2. libertarian approach that offers total freedom of man in all forms, be it a business that should get minimum tax, state interference, the life of LGBT representatives, sale of soft drugs, legalization of prostitution. Such pervasive freedom can create all the necessary conditions for a comfortable life of Ukrainian.

12 11

As a result of the game there has developed a common position of groups that are conceptually agreed on the directions of development of Ukraine. The final presentations of developments of active Republicans were presented on the big stage during the closing ceremony of Studrespublika.

After the traditional OAG was elected Students President and members of the Student Parliament of Ukraine. Mykhailo Ananchenko (Sumy region), student of the 5th year Makarenko Sumy State Pedagogical University has ranked first. Members of the Student Parliament of Ukraine became Serhiy Hovornyan (Chernivtsi region), Oleh Grushytskyy (Ternopil region), Viktoria Ivanova (Mykolaiv region), Bohdan Kazymirchuk (Chernivtsi region), Maxym Karaulov (Mykolaiv region), Yulia Kononenko (Dnipropetrovsk region), Nataliia Syromiatnikova (Dnipropetrovsk region), Nadiya Holyavko (Chernihiv region), Natalia Tsiplitska (Chernivtsi region), Julia Sharova (Rivne region).

14 15 16

Number of steep experts this year increased too: Eduard Afonin, Serhiy Datsyuk, Vladimir Fadeev, Vyacheslav Igrunov (Russia), Oleksii Jushchyk, Ruslan Kotsaba, Oleksandr Ktitorchuk, Serhii Lysenko, Andrii Okara (Russia), Fr Antonii Rudyi, Yuriy Shevela, Denis Zharkih. All experts read electives and actively worked with members within OAG.

Summed up the discussion in a meaningful positive scenarios of modernization, the critical role of communities and young people at the roundtable Our responsibility for the positive scenario of modernization of Ukraine, which was attended by almost all the experts, and the most active participants.

DSC_1517 photo_2016-08-29_18-26-54

By the way, Studrespublika was visited by politicians. Former mayors of Kamianets-Podilskyi and Mykolaiv Olexander Mazurchak and Yuriy Granaturov shared their experience of successful municipal modernization. The same legendary Duma deputy who only voted against Putin’s annexation of Crimea, Ilya Ponomarev (Russia) was very competent spoke about their views on the modernization plan, said that the Ukraine upgraded will finally more civilized Russia. MP Viktor Kryvenko informed about the sorry state of the Ukrainian economy and explained the need to implement policies to encourage production, the shift from the constant nodding to international financial institutions in policy-making national economic interest.

17 photo_2016-08-29_18-26-48

Traditionally a multi-festival part was held simultaneously active too. Participants competed in 15 intellectual, sport, entertainment and other favorite sub-festivals. Studrespublika completed with incredible action — beauty contest of personality First Lady (Persha Lady). The most beautiful was elected student Dnieper State Academy of Construction and Architecture Anhelina Seredova.

20 19

Now Republicans are launching direct work on the implementation of elaborated ideas during the Final of Studrespublika-2016 that are capable of even a few steps to bring Ukraine closer to truly modernized, innovative, progressive, free, really the only competitive state at the global level. We face the challenge — saving the state and we need to respond adequately!


* * *

Organizers: NGO Students’ Republic with the support of Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, organizational support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Ministry of culture of Ukraine.
Partners: Impression, Kaspersky, MSI, BIOKON, Hellisen, Belvil, edition Summit Book, L.GROM, Yabloki, Exit Games, Ancient Kyiv in The Kievan Rus Park, The Ukrainian Perspective Foundation, NDLM.
Information partners: TV channel OTV, SPILNO.TV, Stylish Radio Perets FM.

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