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15-08-2016 / Без рубрики /  Україна

Who is Ready to Positively Modernize Ukraine – Join Us!

Хто готовий позитивно модернізовувати Україну — долучайтесь! (укр)
Кто готов позитивно модернизировать Украину — присоединяйтесь! (рус)

Here cherished dreams come true!
Here tomorrow starts!

Лого СРFrom the 24th till the 27th of August 2016 at the Black Sea Arrow (the Black Sea coast, Mykolaiv region, Ochakiv district, Chornomorka resort, Wellness center Zhemchuzhina) there is going to be held the finale of Studrespublika XVIII where the best young people and intellectuals will gather to work out how to raise Ukraine from the bottom. Enough chaff. We have to do some changes! However, it can be done only by free citizens and by youths, therefore the theme is: The positive scenarios of modernization of Ukraine: the role of communities and youths. If you need modern, smart, rich Ukraine, so join us!

The Finale of the International Program Students’ Republic — is the most extensive annual youth event in Ukraine and at the same time – the most intellectual one. We will gather about 1000 participants — young people and intellectuals from all the regions in Ukraine as well as foreign guests. What exactly will be going on during 3 days at the finale of Studrespublika — improvised state, where all the partakers live according to special own rules, where are non-stop sub-festivals, performances and the citizens look for the positive scenarios for Ukrainian development obstinately and without imitation?

There are dozens of development programs, conceptions for reforms and others ineffective but nicely proclaimed in the piles of papers (and on the megabytes of memory) which are presented for us by officials of all levels. Nevertheless, it is a pity; the majority of this heritage has not been realized yet. Why? The answer is banal. There’s a really small amount of really interested in the future of Ukraine, who sincerely worry about citizens, their peace and prosperity, who is ready whole day and night work for this devotedly.

ПечатьOnly Republicans gather every year in order to create the scenarios for modernization of Ukraine. The experience of mistakes of recent years clearly showed that only the forced modernization can give us a chance for a normal life. Even so on the modernization sheet only positive paints should be applied and a positive perspective for the citizens of Ukraine of all nationalities, languages, religions, gender, sexual orientation, political views and so on should be drawn together. The ideology of exclusion does not work; it only leads to trouble, poverty and discord.

Everyone already seems to be put in mud, so who are able to do it? Who must people of goodwill of Ukraine rely on? There only two major subjects remain: community and youth. The community is a powerful trend of the civilized world, which rapidly decentralizes; the youth is the most energetic layer that seeks to believe in a good future genuinely.

Thus, we need you in the finale of Studrespublika-2016. For you there will be held an organizational activity-game (OAG) The positive scenarios of modernization of Ukraine: the role of communities and youths which will last for 1 day and a half, after that there will take place the bright multi-festival part. You will be able to try yourself in Mafia, the Festival of Amateur Video, Photo Contest, Night Tusa, Day Tusa and in a number of other activities. During the time when the Studrespublika is held the First Lady (Persha Lady) and the best social musician in the Music Live Awards will be selected and many other winners in various sub-fests as well.

At the same time there the optional component of event will take place where intellectuals from all over the country and from the abroad will share their substantive achievements with you, will debate with you, and will help in the preparation of the positive scenarios of the modernization program. Among those, whom we can already announce, are Eduard Afonin, Serhiy Datsyuk, Vyacheslav Igrunov (Russia), Oleksii Jushchyk, Ruslan Kotsaba, Oleksandr Ktitorchuk, Serhii Lysenko, Andrii Okara (Russia), Fr Antonii Rudyi, Yuriy Shevela, Denis Zharkih and others.


During the OAG participators of Studrespublika will have the opportunity to be someone special, unusual, be someone whom in real life he/she may never become or maybe he/she has never had the chance to try – on Studrespublika all cherished dreams come true. Studrespublika regional winners can participate in the game: Students’ mayors and deputies of Students’ magistrates, and also those ones who have shown their desire to take part at the mandatory online registration on the Studrespublika’s website.

Despite brainstorming and the endless development, the sun and the sea, the best people, old and new friends, cool moments which you will not be able to forget will be waiting for you there!

Once again we remind, the Students’ Republic has its own laws, government, territory, currency, parties and other attributes of real Free State. The most important phenomenon of the program is a projection of future Ukraine. Everything that happens at Studrespublika, then somehow will be recreated in our country. This important fact should be remembered. Therefore, we are obliged to create new positive scenarios for Ukraine and then we will take the responsibility for them and make them come true.

Participate in Studrespublika-2016, be part of the transforming yourself and the country, become part of the creative core of the modernization of Ukraine! We will change the world, will destroy the stereotypes!

The Work on the The Modernization Program for Ukraine Given Qualitative Results (the finale of Studrespublika-2015)









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For organizational issues: project manager Rehina Popova +38 (095) 166 09 52, project@studrespublika.com.

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Organizers: NGO Students’ Republic with the support of Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, organizational support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Ministry of culture of Ukraine.
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