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05-08-2017 / Новини Cтудреспубліки /  Україна

New Education-New Industrialization-New Ukraine!

Нова освіта-нова індустріалізація-нова Україна!

Here cherished dreams come true!
Here tomorrow starts!


From the 24th till the 27th of August 2017 at the Black Sea Arrow (the Black Sea coast, Mykolaiv region, Ochakiv district, Chornomorka resort, Complex Zhemchuzhina) there will be the Finale of Studrespublika XIX, the largest platform for dialogue on the future of Ukraine, which every year collects the most progressive young people, intellectuals, and those who are really care about changes in Ukraine. This year’s topic is difficult: Education is a key direction of the new industrialization of Ukraine, but only hard work on difficult tasks can end the mess and make a leap forward. Join us!

The Final of the International Student’s Republic program is the most significant annual public event for young people in Ukraine and at the same time the most intellectual one. An improvised state will gather about 800-1000 participants from Ukraine and abroad. Everyone here can find himself in a deep mental work on the modernization of Ukraine, communicating with wonderful people from all regions, or driving sub-fests that continue non-stop. Why should you join?

Inadequate education at all levels, low level of graduates, unprofessional teachers, demanding equipment and techniques, a terrible material base, corruption, and imitation of reforms are common for the state of education in Ukraine. However, the logic of meaningful activities of the Studrespublika clearly proves that education is the basic element of the implementation of a new industrialization, which, in turn, is the central chain of modernization of Ukraine.

SR-2017-avaAt the same time, in our country the word industrialization, unlike the developed world, is almost considered to be a swear word, and there is a bunch of infantile myths, for instant, about the agrarian superpower. Ukrainian perspectives and the potential that we still possess are driven to a standstill. The situation can be saved only by a radical change of course in the direction of modernization. Only Different, intelligent, responsible, friendly, open to new ideas leaders can make it work. Studrespublika, in fact, is the generator of this kind of leadership.

Republicans by each project overcome a part of the path for future Ukraine that is among the World Top 20 most developed countries in terms of citizens’ level of life. Faculty and experts-intellectuals’ consultations will promote such hard work. Among those who we can already announce there are: Serhiy Belashko, Yevgenia Bilchenko, Serhiy Datsyuk, Vladimir Fadeev, Oleksandr Hubenko, Ruslan Kotsaba, Oleksandr Ktitorchuk, Dmytro Marunych, Krzysztof Mrozek (Poland), Andrii Okara, Fr. Antonii Rudyi, Andrey Yermolaiev and others.

So, at the Final of the Studrespublika, you will be expected by a powerful organizational activity game on ’Education is a key direction of the new industrialization of Ukraine‘, and after 1,5 days, there will be added the multi-festival part. And all this will be in the gaming conditions of an improvised state Student’s republic, which has its own Constitution, laws, authorities, parties, currency and territory.

In a unique discussion-competitive format of OAG, participants have the opportunity to try their hand at presenting ideas that may seem absurd to someone, to discuss, make and correct mistakes, to improve themselves — and to seek, seek, and seek again. After all, Studrespublika is a platform where all thoughts are accepted! The winners of the regional Studrespublika’s: Students’ mayors and deputies of the Student Magistrates, as well as those who have expressed their desire after taking mandatory online registration on the Studrespublika website will participate in this game.








It is important that the characteristic phenomenon of the program is a projection of the future Ukraine. Everything that happens on the Studrespublika definitely reproduces in the state later. This fact imposes a special responsibility on all participants and winners.

And what is the dialogue about the future without a bright multi-festival part? You will be able to take part in a whole bouquet of youth activities — in the Student Mafia, Amateur Video Festivals, Photo Competition, Night Tusa, Day Tusa and other sub-fests. During the Studrespublika there will be selected First Lady, identified the best social musician in the Music Live Awards and many other winners in a whole host of sub-fests.

Here during 3 incredibly rich, meaningful and driving days you will see old friends, meet new ones, and together with the burning sun and fresh sea wave, you will not only join the team of those who live for the sake of Ukraine’s salvation, but also get unforgettable feelings, which will not leave you until the next, jubilee Finale of the Studrespublika-2018.

Who is ready to take responsibility for our common future? Republicans are ready! The most intelligent, creative and courageous Ukrainians. Are you among of them? Then, let’s meet at the final of the Studrespublika-2017! We will change the world, will destroy the stereotypes!


Challenge Accepted: Modernizing Ukraine! (the finale of Studrespublika-2016)


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For information and firm T-shirts: (044) 529-13-75, office@studrespublika.com.
For media and partnership: brand-manager Vira Andriyuk +38 (097) 883 22 26, brand-manager@studrespublika.com

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Organizers: NGO Students’ Republic with the organizational support of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
Partners: Mykolayiv State Regional AdministrationSmart-Holding, ImpressionGraviton Company, Logitech, BIOKON, edition Summit Book, Nai-Luna by Anastasia Ivanova, LGrom, Sendpulse, NDLM.
Information partners: TV channel OTV, Stylish Radio Perets FM, magazine I’m Student, GURT Resource Centre.

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Автор: The Press Office of Studrespublika