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28-01-2020 / Новини ВМГО "Студентська республіка" /  Україна

How Can We Get Out of Hopelessness?

As everything happened last year: Not for Myself, but for Everyone!

Як вирватися з прірви «безнадьоги»? (укр)





Summer — for active and ambitious!
Winter — for the best and smart!

Unfortunately, after 30 years of independence and opportunity of free political participation for Ukrainians, we turned into a periphery with external control. Neither evolution nor revolutions took us social progress. So, what should we do? We will discuss it on 21-24 February in the Carpathians during WiSR-XII on the topic Progress between the evolution and revolution. We invite you! Sign up!

Every year concerned Ukrainians (and not only Ukrainians) – activists, experts, just progressive people of different age and place of living – gather for Winter Studrespublika. This is a unique circle of same-minded people who set their knowledge and strength to independently look for answers to very difficult questions that concern everyone. People of good will from Ukraine and worldwide need to become allies in questions of modernization and progress, not someone`s resources or clients. To find out how to become a part of the unique intellectual and creative holiday where there is a spirit of true solidarity, positive competition and creation of powerful alternative solutions read below.

Take part in a competition selection! (ukr)

There were times when we thought that growth always comes after fall. When it didn`t happen, we began to wait till bottom so as to push us off.

But it happened so that there wasn`t any bottom: we just continue to fall.

Evolution and consequences of revolutionary events in the independent Ukraine were such. As a result we have degradation, demodernization, eternal power, regression…

Do our co-citizens really want to have such life? The answer is clear, as Ukrainian emigrants, for example, choose countries where everything is conversely, where there is peace and progress. Republicans not only systematically serve for the Renaissance of Ukraine, make a research and conceptual solutions about progress, Ukrainian and world`s modernization but also organize others. To break out of this gap we need historical scale, massive ideas, powerful energy, super active and brave decisions.

All previous Republicans` experience shows that the question ‘WHAT can we do?’ has no sense without understanding of WHO can and will do this.

So, who are you, builders who are capable of evolutional work and power of revolutionary changes? Who are you, those who are from people, together with people and for people? Who chooses not easy ways and petty-bourgeois ‘happiness’, but understands what is to serve people and be responsible for citizens, ‘for his friends’?

Participation conditions: participation in WiSR-XII is simple. You must pass an online registration on the website of Studrespublika. Then all the registered participants undergo a competitive selection and the best of them will take part in the Winter Studrespublika.

Peculiarities! During the game such methods and tools are used, that will give the opportunity to react on individual and common actions, to immerse in the problems deeply and to find answers to the most difficult questions. It is planned to achieve the effect of ‘full immersion that includes participation in all events completely and prohibition of alcohol. If somebody violates this requirement organizers reserve the right to evict offender without returning the registration fee.

Announcement of results: on Studrespublika’s website until the 19th of February.

At the end of the event will take place an award party in classic style and winner’s reward ceremony.

At the time when ruling class and a big part of state authorities are corrupted and stand for oligarchs` and foreign states` interests concerned citizens take responsibility themselves. We invite everyone to show civic solidarity and take part in WiSR-XII.

It is an exciting way to creation of the subject of modernization of Ukraine. Thanks to common intellectual, creative and forceful efforts, we will overcome the crisis and make Ukraine one of the top-20 countries by the standard of living of citizens of the world.

After WiSR, if you wish, you will have the opportunity to rest (nearby there are sauna, skating rink, etc.) and see interesting historical places: The Khotyn fortress, monasteries, parks, museums and more.

* * *

Organizers: NGO Students’ Republic.
Organizing support: Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
Partners: Graviton Company, Edition Summit Book, Navigator, BIOKON, SendPulse, Koine.Community, Commons Journal, Telegram-channel Opportunities.

Organizational issues: (044) 529-13-75, office@studrespublika.com
Media and Sponsorship issues: Vira Andriyuk, brand manager of Studrespublika, +38 (097) 883 22 26, e-mail: brand-manager@studrespublika.com    

Terms of participation and contest details (ukr)

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Автор: Press-service of Studrespublika