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08-04-2019 / Новини ВМГО "Студентська республіка" /  Україна

Not for Myself, but for Everyone!

Не для себе — для всіх! (укр)

Winter Studrespublika XI on the topic ‘New progressive forms of solidarity in Ukraine, Europe and the world has just finished in Carpathians. Results are inspiring! Quality progressing and mankind’s common weal increasing are in unification of polises, where solidarity will be created by unobstructed art, inalienable work, dissent freedom and a global tasks bank will be an institutional innovation. Ukraine has a chance to become a headliner of the future.

Challenges are special, turbulence encompasses not only our country, but spreads more and more all around the world. Cynicism, selfishness, narrowness, neglect, intolerance hurt us and pull us down. Rational solidarity of progressive people despite any borders is an only alternative. What ways to stop demodernization were found by the best Ukrainian and foreign experts and activists during WiSR-XI in Bukovyna — details in the final release.

Indifference and apathy are parasitism,
perversion, not life. That is why
I hate
the indifferent
Antonio Gramsci

In times of severe, endless crisis, growing of hatred and inequality, in mid-rampage of demagogy and populism, it is extremely important not to fall into despair or psychosis, but calmly stop and put a harsh question to ourselves and the environment: why all goes in such way, and how can we improve it together. Republicans not only do it constantly, but they also organize others.

This requires new Columbuses, Marxes and Korolyovs! Who are able to dream about a new fair world, not arrogant and unworthy as current world elites, but capable to problematizing and enlightenment of great meanings and scales.

During the installation report, leader of the Republicans of Ukraine Pavlo Viknуanskyy appealed to the participants with a number of systemic questions: ‘How can we, Ukrainians, be together again? How to restore the coherence of development, progress in overcoming injustice and inequality in Europe? How to stop human destructive strife and move up to the cosmic level?’

Friends and partners of Studrespublika — social activist, entrepreneur Oleksii Burbak and director of Graviton Company Vitaliy Chornousenko visited opening ceremony with congratulations for participants.





Organizational activity game was intense and deep. Among main Game positions necessary to highlight:

  • ’neoliberal’, who advocated the position that the very first task is taking care of ourselves. They formed kind of ’matryoshka‘ of priorities: me – group (family) – city – country – world. As a result of the position’s evolution, a group worked out the idea of maximum decentralization with the main role of city-polis, when the state retains only functions of security and overall interaction coordination. Polises independently interact with each other, without mediation of the ’old‘ state;
  • ’progressists‘ have identified freedom, security and well-being as the basic criteria for solidarity. Subsequently, the group has developed an idea of going beyond the national borders;
  • ’right‘ were based on Social Darwinism, and then advocated humankind transition to the new level by using supernova artificial intelligence technologies and transhumanism;
  • ’cultural Marxists‘ developed an idea that culture is a determining factor for solidarity and it is necessary to solidify around global problems: climate change, exhaustion of resources, inequality and militaristic threats.

At the end of the Game synergy position was formed. It became clear that not only a breakthrough, but even an elementary opportunity for development of Ukraine is possible only in situation of overcoming our provinciality, peripherality and entering global thinking and action level. People of long-term goodwill must stimulate dialogue processes between progressive environments of the different countries’ cities, with realizing that the fuel for moving forward are free creation, non-alienating work and freedom for dissent, and the point of common action is a global bank of tasks that accumulates all innovations for directing them to common benefit. The purpose of solidarity is quality progressing and mankind’s common weal increasing.




WiSR-XI was unprecedented in terms of quantity and quality of experts, who not only read electives for a full-fledged immersion in the theme of the Game, but also worked together with participants very actively.

The world-famous philosopher Mikhail Minakov began with a thorough report ‘After democracy. After Europe. Challenges for Ukraine». Then, cultural scientist Anna Gleser (Germany) shared about ‘Institutionalized Solidarity as a Challenge for Future Europe’.




Political scientist Serhiy Belashko analyzed ‘Neo-corporatism and solidarity in the information society’. The famous western journalist, El País special correspondent Pilar Bonet (Spain) shared the topic ‘Solidarity and freedom of speech’ based on practical cases from own experience.





‘Solidarize or die: the role of taxes in a fair economy’ – economist’s Oleksandr Kravchuk elective’s topic. Political scientist, political philosopher Andrii Okara presented whole own doctrine during the report ‘Can (neo)solidarism become the basis of a new world-building project in the 21st century?’






‘Solidarity with European Left and Green: personal observations’ – economist’s Alexander Antonyuk (Great Britain) elective’s title. Priest, psychologist, Fr. Antonii Rudyi talked with the participants about topic ‘To be friends against someone or to be friends with someone… Psychological aspects of ‘solidarities’ emergence’.

People’s deputy of Ukraine Maksym Burbak visited WiSR on the second day. Conversation was acute, but sincere, participants were asking critical questions.

There was participants and experts rewarding ceremony at the end of the event, all received diplomas and great books. The winners of the Winter Studrespublika XI are Maria Korabelnikova (Kharkiv region), Oleh Slyzko (Poltava region) and Sofiya Dyka (Kharkiv region), who were awarded with ‘red’ diplomas with honors, with a lot of cool gifts and books from the partners of the WiSR, in particular with the personal signature of historian Valeriy Soldatenko.

On the final day participants visited renewed ‘Steinbarg Gallery’, had an excursion to the Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, where met vice-rector Tamara Marusyk, and then visited Chernivtsi Regional State Administration deputy chairman Myroslav Zayachuk. A pleasant surprise was an occasional meeting with friend of Studrespublika, Chernivtsi Mayor (2014-2018) Oleksiy Kaspruk.












* * *

Organizers: NGO Students’ Republic.
Organizing support: Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
Partners: Graviton Company, consulting company K&K Group, Impression, BIOKON, JYSK, edition Summit Book, SendPulse, OpportunityForYouthUA.



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Автор: Press-service of Studrespublika, translation - Olena Olkhovyk