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16-10-2017 / всі теми /  Україна

Ukrainian-German Friendship Through the Prism of Euromaidan


Україно-німецька дружба крізь призму Євромайдану (укр)

photo_2017-10-11_14-03-52Berlin-Kyiv-Kharkiv, this is the route recently passed by German students who have visited Ukraine in order to communicate with their colleagues, share their experience of civic activity, and see in their own eyes the places of events of the Maidan in Kyiv and Kharkiv. Studrespublika was glad to help them in this.

Leaders of Kyiv and Kharkiv Studrespublikas Liudmyla Rudkevych and Mariya Korabelnikova for 2 days were introducing to foreign guests Ukraine in all its contradictory manifestations, talking about the unique experience of the Studrespublika, and, of course, learning about Germany from its representors.

photo_2017-10-11_14-03-53September 30, 2017 became unforgettable for the Republicans of Kyiv, because they have been taking the dear guests — students and professor of the European University Viadrina (Frankfurt (Oder), GRG). Liudmyla Rudkevych, the leader of the capital’s Republicans, and Yuliya Vasilyeva, a student of the Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University, an activist of the Kyiv Studrespublika, had the honor to show the capital from the scientific and historical point of view. The group was interested in the history of Maidan of 2013-2014.

img_8673The first point to visit was Mykhailivska Square, from where the group headed to Maidan Nezalezhnosti, the main scene of the events of that time. Talking about the position of the Studrespublika was highlighted such ideas as preserving the peace and integrity of the state, preventing hostility of people, falling of living standards, curtailment of justice and reduction of the rights and freedoms of citizens! Also, students visited the streets of Hrushevsky and Instytutska, where riots and killing people had taken place. They saw in their own eyes such buildings as the Presidential Administration, the Cabinet of Ministers and the Verkhovna Rada, which are important for the Chronicle of Euromaidan as well. The final point of excursion was the Mariinsky Park, where Antimaidan had been located and where also bloody clashes had happened.

20171006_143158During the conversation, by the way, in English, the guests were interested in specific details of the events of this period, the history of independent Ukraine and the modern political and economic state of our Motherland. Students talked about the connection between events in Maidan and the East [Ukraine], which gives us an opportunity to reflect on how the situation in Ukraine is perceived by the eyes of citizens of other European countries.

photo_2017-10-11_20-04-47-1Our friends wanted to get acquainted not only with the capital, attractive to the whole world, but also visit other cities of Ukraine. So, the next day they went to Kharkiv, where they informally communicated with the local Republicans. As if they had known each other for hundred years, the representatives of both countries gladly met each other in the walls of a cozy pub. Theme of the meeting: ‘Emotions in the Ukrainian-Russian conflict’.

photo_2017-10-11_20-06-54-1 Warm evening, the best young minds, a friendly atmosphere — all this has led to a meaningful, yet fun discussion. Firstly, Kharkiv residents familiarized the guests with the activities of the local Studrespublika, shared the results of the final of Studrespublika-2017 and plans for the coming period. Then they had a talk about the youth organizations of Germany. Throughout the evening, all participants having no feeling of any barriers and obstacles, shared their experiences and impressions.

It is an honor for us to welcome great guests. The time to communicate with wonderful people, as always, turned out to be not enough. We hope that German friends will please us with more than one visit in the future. Or maybe we will take a visit in respond… We are glad to wait!

With the assistance of organizing and conducting the visit, we would like to express our gratitude to the Head Office of Studrespublika, Professor. Mikhail Minakov, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Anna Gleser and each participant on both sides.

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Автор: Yuliya Vasilyeva, Mariya Korabelnikova, Liudmyla Rudkevych