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14-07-2020 / Новини ВМГО "Студентська республіка" /  Україна

Extra Efforts for Progress and Justice: How to get Ukraine out of the Abyss

Надзусилля для прогресу та справедливості: як Україні вибратись із прірви (укр)

Here cherished dreams come true!
Here tomorrow starts!

There is no bottom in sight, and lames (зашквари) are becoming something to be proud of. Life keeps getting worse while the war seems to be endless… Historical analysis and our vast Republican experience show us very clearly that progress and justice require way more than starry-eyed intents and big dreams yet alone empty rhetoric on values we have to actually make the EXTRA EFFORTS. That’s precisely why during ХХІІ International Student’s Republic Program together with the best youth and intellectuals from all over Ukraine we will be working on the theme Extra Efforts for Progress and Justice’. Join us!

The Super Crisis – is the Super Crisis and the quarantine – is the quarantine*, but Studrespublika is underway! Our goal to find answers to the most difficult problems and challenges. And to put these answers into practice together.

Where and when will Studrespublikas be held in each (including yours) region of Ukraine? How to become a participant? Which knowledge, experience and emotions will you get after taking part in regional stage? Details about OAG and sub-fests, news about the main event of the summer — the Finale of XXII Studrespublika at the seaside and republican profile pictures can be also found in the official announcement.

XXII International Student`s Republic Program is the most significant event for Ukrainian students, which gathers maximal quantity of young leaders, progressive experts and thinking citizens from Ukraine and abroad. Studrespublikas have started throughout the whole country: join and participate in your region.

Schedule and contacts of the regional coordinators of Studrespublika

This year’s theme is the conclusion of the Republicans’ work over 22 years of daily tireless efforts and unbreakable will for positive change.

And we refuse to allow the overlords of our country and their henchmen held us into hostages by emergency bus which race into the abyss! The population has decreased catastrophically, young people dream of leaving the country, and the oligarchs together with their lapdogs have taken hundreds of billions of our common wealth out of Ukraine… And all this time we have been fed the lie of ‘simple solutions’.

Degradation, demodernization, and archaization have led us to the point where we have to constantly prove the obvious. But what can we Ukrainians do, especially those of us who are passionate and concerned, young and powerhouse? How can we ‘pull ourselves out of swamp’ in that overused Baron Munchausen metaphor? Moreover, other people around us are also in need of help!

In times of the global earthquake and all-encompassing Ukrainian catastrophe our common Ultimate Goal is to create an environment that will help everyone to fulfill the basic needs to survive and support oneself, as well as the complex ones, without which human life has no meaning to create a better world full of progress, justice, and joy. We must save the society from falling off the abyss!

If not us, then nothing!

We invite all PEOPLE OF LONG-TERM GOODWILL to this amazing, exciting, unique journey through the modernization course. Theme of the route Extra Efforts for Progress and Justice [in your region]. Add your knowledge and skills for historical changes in Ukraine and the world! The beginning of this path is very simple: go through the mandatory online registration:

At the heart of Studrespublika there is an organizational activity game, after which there will be elections for Student`s Mayor and deputies of the Student Magistrate. As usual there will be a ton of cool sub-fests: beauty contest of personality First Lady (Persha Lady, «Перша Леді»), Quest Fest, Mafia, Night Tusa, Amateur Video Festival, Photo contest Flash of Emotions, Day Tusa, Mr. Studrespublika, The KVN Cup, Lesya-Fest and many other bright activities.

The unique format of the OAG combines discussion with competition to allow you to express your views on how to help you, us, and Studrespublika in your region become subjects able to modernize your region. You will have support of the very best experts who will conduct facultative — lectures, workshops etc.

And next the Generation of Republic will get together for the Independent Day of Ukraine on August 22-25 at the seaside during the culmination of the year — Finale of Studrespublika-2020. This year’s theme Extra Efforts for Progress and Justice will require true solidarity: accumulation of strengths, knowledge, dialogue, creativity, experience, talents, trust, endurance, and most importantly all the hard work of republicans of all years. During these three days we will be building our dream country. The country we want Ukraine to be!

Besides working on alternatives for development of Ukraine and the world the special elections will also take place during Studrespublika. The Student President and deputies of the Student Parliament of Ukraine will be elected from among the cleverest, the most talented and active of Ukrainian youth.

The multi-festival, the core of which is OAG, is improving for the third decade so as to be the only country-wide platform for unity (соборності), open dialog, in-depths discussions, inavations (інавацій) and innovations, and exciting activities. It is Ukrainian know-how – a space of will, equality, summer vibes and our guiding light to the future.

The uniqueness of the OAG attracts close attention of philosophers, political scientists, analysts, journalists and activists even those far from the Republican movement. But what makes this Game so unique? Huge part of it lies in being able to achieve futurological resonance, i.e. a situation that reflects general and projected socio-political situation in Ukraine. And then various scenarios are modeled through the course of the Game. These scenarios which will be implemented in actual social and political processes one way or another. That’s why highly detailed results of the OAG we get by the end of August often come true in real politics next season. This time we will not only model and predict but also develop a situation of breakthrough growth!

Studrespublika provides equal opportunities for all take it and work in the community of smart, creative and hardworking people same as you are.

Not only hope but also full responsibility for saving our country lies with us. And we accept this challenge! 

See you very soon at Studrespublika-2020!

* Adequate and fully legal quarantine regulations must be complied with at the event

Regulations of Sturespublika-2020 (ukr)
Recommended texts (ukr)

Information contact and republican T-shirts: (044) 529-13-75, office@studrespublika.com
For media and partnership: brand-manager Vira Andriyuk: +38 (097) 883 22 26, brand-manager@studrespublika.com

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