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16-08-2020 / Новини Cтудреспубліки /  Україна

Extra Efforts for Progress and Justice: Nobody but Us!

Надзусилля для прогресу та справедливості: якщо не ми – то ніхто! (укр)

Here cherished dreams come true!
Here tomorrow starts!

The finals of XXII Studrespublika will be held during 22–25 August, 2020 at the bank of the Black sea in Skadovsk (Kherson Oblast, Yuri Gagarin DHC). The biggest Ukrainian open space for dialogue, in-depths discussions, and presentations of groundbreaking ideas will gather the most active youth and the most advanced intellectuals for common work on the topic ‘EXTRA EFFORTS FOR PROGRESS AND JUSTICE’. Join us! Sign up online! [+ Profile frames]

The Super Crisis — is the Super Crisis and the quarantine — is the quarantine*, but Studrespublika is underway! Because goal of people of long-term goodwill — to find answers to the most difficult problems and challenges. And to put these answers into practice together.

During these three days we will be building our dream country. The country we want Ukraine to be!

The Final of the International Student’s Republic Program is the most significant annual public event for young people in Ukraine and at the same time the most intellectual one. An improvised ‘state’ will gather about 600–1800 participants from Ukraine and abroad. Everyone here can discover him/herself, sometimes in quite unusual hypostasis: whether in deep mental work, or in driving sub-fests, which continue non-stop, or communicate with lovely people from all over the country. Why should you also become an important part of a great event?

This year’s theme is the conclusion of the Republicans’ work over 22 years of daily tireless efforts and unbreakable will for positive change.

Studrespublika gave Ukraine a range of people of desire for real changes, people of common welfare capable of painstaking daily work for modernization of Ukraine, of broad and deep thinking, creation of innovations/inavations and breaking of stereotypes! Best intellectuals in Ukraine and in the world, active citizens and students, who busily work together on the Future, on Ukraine in top-20 most developed countries in the world, have been joining us during all these years. It is a Ukrainian know-how, the space of freedom and equality, sunny mood and a directory to the future.

Historical analysis and our vast Republican experience show us very clearly that progress and justice aren’t compatible with mindless copying of others’ ‘success’, and they require way more than starry-eyed intents and big dreams yet alone empty rhetoric on values — we have to actually make the EXTRA EFFORTS.

Degradation, demodernization, and archaization have led us to the point where we have to constantly prove the obvious. But what can we Ukrainians do, especially those of us who are passionate and concerned, young and powerhouse? How can we ‘pull ourselves out of swamp’ in that overused Baron Munchausen metaphor? Moreover, other people around us are also in need of help!

We invite all PEOPLE OF LONG-TERM GOODWILL to this amazing, exciting, unique journey through the modernization course1. Theme of the route Extra Efforts for Progress and Justice. Use your knowledge and skills for historical changes in Ukraine and the world! The beginning of this path is very simple: go through the mandatory online registration:

If not us, then nothing!

Generation of Respublika will gather to work hand in hand with best experts-intellectuals who will conduct facultatives and consultations. Among those who we can already announce are: Serhiy Belashko, Serhiy Grabskyi, Serhiy Datsyuk, Dmytro Marunych, Andrii Okara, Oleh Petrov, Fr. Antonii Rudyi, Andrey Yermolaiev and others. 

You will be able to partake in an organizational activity game (real!) on the theme of ‘Extra Efforts for Progress and Justice’, and after 1,5–2 days, there will be added the bright multi-festival part. And all this will be in the gaming conditions of an improvised state ‘Students’ Republic’, which has its own Constitution, laws, authorities, parties, currency and territory.

Due to the polemic and competitive nature of the Game’s format the participants will have an opportunity to come up with the boldest innovations and inavations, express their personal views, discuss, make mistakes, improve and then again present their now improved ideas that can be useful for Ukrainian people. The participants of the Game will consist of the winners of regional Studrespublikas: Student mayors and deputies of Student Magistrates, as well as those who are willing to participate and signed up on the Studrespublika website.

Besides working on alternatives for development of Ukraine and the world the student elections will also take place during the finals. The Student President and deputies of the Student Parliament of Ukraine will be elected from among the brightest of Ukrainian youth.

The uniqueness of the organizing game attracts close attention of philosophers, political scientists, analysts, journalists and activists — even those far from the Republican movement. But what makes this game so unique?  Huge part of it lies in being able to achieve futurological resonance, i.e. a situation that reflects general and projected socio-political situation in Ukraine. And then various scenarios are modeled through the course of the game. Scenarios which will be implemented in actual social and political processes one way or another. That’s why highly detailed results of the organizing game we get by the end of August often come true in real politics next season. This time we will not only model and predict but also develop a situation of breakthrough growth!

For changes to be effective we have to apply our best human qualities: intelligence, creativity, sincerity, willpower, energy, solidarity. Extensive and conceptual multi-festival part will become a vast source of such qualities. There will be whole total of 20 various side events: Lesya-fest, Exter-Fest, Student Mafia, Amateur Video Festival, Photo contest Flash of Emotions and many other activities. And of course you can’t forget about the First Lady contest and the contest of best social music artists Music Live Awards.

Studrespublika provides equal opportunities for all — take it and work in the community of smart, creative and hardworking people same as you are. Don’t miss it!

In times of the global earthquake and all-encompassing Ukrainian catastrophe our common Ultimate Goal is to create an environment that will help everyone to fulfill the basic needs to survive and support oneself, as well as the complex ones, without which human life has no meaning to create a better world full of progress, justice, and joy. We must save the society from falling off the abyss!

We will change the world; we will defy stereotypes!

* Adequate and fully legal quarantine regulations must be complied with at the event

1 Modernization course means resumption of normal human life, establishment of wide range of liberties and embodiment a lot of progressive innovations and inavations.  

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Information contact and republican T-shirts: (044) 529-13-75, office@studrespublika.com
For media and partnership: brand-manager Vira Andriyuk: +38 (097) 883 22 26, brand-manager@studrespublika.com

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