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25-09-2018 / Новини Cтудреспубліки /  Україна

Or Progress, Dialogue and Peace — or Barbarization, Decay and Smoldering


Або прогрес, діалог і мир – або варваризація, розпад і жевріння (укр)

From the 24th to the 27th of August 2018 at the Black Sea there was the Final of the jubilee XX Studrespublika under the slogan XX years for Ukraine — Generation of Republic. For 20 years Studrespublika forms a unique space, that unites people concerned about Ukraine’s future, mindful and progressive Ukrainians — active youth and intellectuals. The main conclusion from the work on the theme How to make a progress and peace in Ukraine and on the planet – Ukraine if it doesn’t start the way of piece and progress quickly.

The participants all over Ukraine took a part in the XX Final of Studrespublika (at the Black Sea coast, Mykolaiv region, Ochakiv district, Chornomorka resort, Complex Sportium) active students and progressive youth, different years graduates of Studrespublika, the leading experts gathered together in order to unite and work on the challenges, the non-solutions of which are killing our Ukraine. Conclusion made by the Republicans, details of the OAG and the multi-festival part, also — who was elected as a deputy of the Student Parliament and as the Student`s President of Ukraine — read in an official report.




Theme of this year How to make progress and peace in Ukraine and on the planetfinalized all our difficult but interesting work, all games and other projects over 20 years of continuous thinking and creative research for modernization, is topical and crucial on a global scale. Therefore, the Game was hard, strenuous and required maximum mobilization of those, who really advocate peace and progress, people who understand what difficult situation is Ukraine in now, that either we will learn how to solve our own problems, or ultimately will become a wilderness of the world.

Republican leader Pavlo Viknyanskyy, during the official opening of the XX  Final of Studrespublika, congratulated everyone on Independence Day and stressed that our 20 years for Ukraine is a whole generation of the Republic that base, develops Ukraine and necessarily will lead us into the top 20 of most developed countries in the world: We will achieve peace and progress for Ukraine only with the help of our solidarity, unity, intelligence’.

During the opening ceremony also spoke Kostyantyn Vashchenko, the founder of the Studrespublika and the head of the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service, the deputy commander of 79th Mykolaiv Separate Assault Brigade lieutenant colonel Yaroslav Kalashnyk.








Greeting words to the finalists were sent by the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Family, Youth Policy, Sport and Tourism Arthur Palatny, First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Volodymyr Kovtunets and co-author of the program ‘Student’s Republic’, social psychologist Zoya Harkavenko, who also gave the organizers the rare badges, made 20 years ago on the occasion of the first Studrespublika.





The leaders of the region which hospitably hosted the jubilee Finale — acting Mykolaiv City Mayor Oleksandr Syenkevych and Mykolaiv City Mayor (2013-2015), politician Yuriy Granaturov visited Studrepublika-2018. They talked to the participants, visited the meeting of the organizing committee of one of the game parties, the presentation of party programs, as well as the sub-festival ‘Debates’. Georgia was represented by Mindia Sikharulidze, a friend of the Studrespublika, head of the Youth Branch of the Department of Sports and Youth of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara.







Another guest of the XX Final was Andrii Sadovyi, Lviv City Mayor. He attended the Republican’s Forum, which took place in a talk show format, in which, without any censorship, it was possible to ask a question to this Ukrainian top politician.





The theme of the Big Game-2018 is very painful. The participants of these organizational activity game worked out the issues of achieving peace in Ukraine and the world, developed the vision of the organization of a new enlightenment and rational solidarity in society, and, moreover, worked on the vision of peace for the whole planet. As a result of the Game there were formed 2 political parties: Blue Coal and Peace and Progress.

On the way out of the Game, two positions were formed:

  • social entrepreneurship and youth centers. The position of Blue Coal is to achieve progress and peace through overcoming poverty alleviation and creation of ample opportunities for people. Among the main ideas of this game parties plan to implement in the near future — the creation of a youth center and social cafe, the organization of student exchanges between regions, to make all efforts to improve the quality of education in schools.

As for the vision of peace on the planet: after reaching peace in Ukraine, we must take the initiative to resolve conflicts around the world by initiating the new Non-Aligned Movement (v. 2.0) and the creation of an international peacekeeping organization actually an alternative to the United Nations;

  • multiplying experience of Studrepublika. Peace and Progress offered more powerful enlightenment, using the formats of Civic Lyceums and of the OAG’s, to seriously intensify the work of all-Ukrainian youth umbrella structured associations. For the settlement of the military conflict in the East — an important step might be the meeting of students from different regions of Ukraine, including from temporarily uncontrolled territories, with the participation of Western students.

Tymur Nyzhnikovsky, a student at The Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding (Mykolaiv region, party ‘Peace and Progress’) won in presidential elections and became a Students` President of Ukraine.

In the competition of parties formed on the basis of the organization activity game won Blue Coal (53% vs. 47%), and to the Students` Parliament of Ukraine-2018/2019 were elected: Lusine Harutyunyan (Rivne region); Iryna Voronova (Donetsk region); Kostyantyn Haltsev (Dnipropetrovsk region); Olexandra Kiritseva (Donetsk region); Ruslana Pysarenko (Poltava region); Vladyslav Pryzov (Poltava region); Olexander Teren (Rivne region); Dmytro Tomenko (Poltava region); Elmira Chepyha (Donetsk region); Darya Chernyavska (Mykolaiv region).

The jubilee Final experts: Natalia Belchenko, Maxim Gardus, Serhiy Grabskyi, Yuriy Husyev, Ruslan Kotsaba, Oleksandr Ktitorchuk, Vitaliy Kulyk, Oleh Lebedynsky, Oleg Mingalov, Andrii Okara, Fr. Antonii Rudyi, Kostyantyn Vashchenko, Andrey Yermolaiev and others worked with the participants, read the faculties, gave advices for the 3 days. Serhiy Datsyuk read the Skype lecture.







Besides a very rich full of content program, about 6 hundred participants non-stop competed in 20 cool sub-festivals, 6 of which were initiated specifically for the jubilee Studrepublika, and also had a wonderful opportunity to enjoy meaningful spending of leisure time and the southern sun and sea. Along with the ceremony of the solemn closing of the ‘Twenty’, the First Lady (Persha Lady) Competition was held, the victory of which won charming Kateryna Tymoshchuk, student of the National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnytsya.

In general, this year’s OAG was very much model-based on the situation in Ukraine. The real solution to the problem of the war, the use of various dialogue tools in the Game were mostly wanted by representatives of Donbas (the most active content group in the Game). Therefore, we can see that the tasks of large-scale civic enlightenment and the search for the formulas of rational solidarity of citizens for the achievement of peace, progress, modernization Ukraine is not only obvious, but need to be implemented as soon as possible.

* * *

Organizers: NGO Students’ Republic with the organizational support of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, support Ministry of Youth and Sport of Ukraine.
Partners: Ochakiv Regional State Council, Impression, JYSK, Graviton, K&K Group, MacCoffe, BIOKON, edition Summit Book, NGO Social JusticeConscience’, tourist project Kopilka Priyatnykh Emotsiy, MilaVitsa, N.Gorod, ExitGame, Belleville, NDLM.
Information partners: TV channel OTV, Stylish Radio Perets FM, GURT Resource Centre.


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Автор: The Press Office of Studrespublika