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29-09-2010 / Аналітика /  Україна

Мислити, щоб розбивати стереотипи

Всесвітня мережа Ліндона Ларуша пише про насичений візит в Україну на Студреспубліку Ская Шилдса і Мішель Лернер, лідерів Молодіжного руху Ларуша (далі — en). 

September 10, 2009 (LPAC) — On August 18 — 29, 2009, LaRouche Youth Movement members Sky Shields and Michelle Lerner, both veterans of the Basement team, toured Ukraine, as part of the outreach connected to the establishment of Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Powers initiative — decisive action for a real-growth-based economic system, to be taken by the USA, Russia, China and India, with other nations quickly joining in.

Occurring in the same time period as their colleague Jason Ross’s attendance at the Aug. 24-27 Kepler» Heritage in the Space Age conference held  in Prague, the tour by Shields and Lerner deepened the dialogue between the LaRouche movement and important scientific and political layers in Eurasia. In Ukraine, the homeland of Vladimir Vernadsky, their discussions naturally revolved around Vernadsky’s conception of the Noosphere, currently being developed by LaRouche into the creation of a credit system for the development of the Solar system.

The LYM delegates were featured guests and speakers at Student Republic 2009, the finale of an annual project held by the People’s Democratic Youth League (NDLM) in Ukraine. This is the group whose Youth Economic Summit was addressed by BueSo and German LYM leader Stefan Tolksdorf in May (see Neue Solidaritaet of June 10, EIR of July 31). The Student Republic 2009 event was held August 21 — 23 in the Crimean Peninsula, near the town of Yevpatoriya on the Black Sea coast. People in the 18 — 25 age range, who attended from all 27 regions of Ukraine, had been chosen at feeder events in those regions earlier this year.

Besides their presentations, the LYM representatives were interviewed by the event’s own roving reporters. Part of Michelle’s interview was published in the in-house newspaper. It was also broadcast and projected onto a large screen on the beach, amidst various activities which went on late into the night. From the «Za Dilo» hand-out, August 22: «For Michelle Lerner of the LaRouche political movement (USA), a nation’s culture is directly connected with its political culture and attitude toward its Constitution. For the USA, this is the foundation. As similarities between Ukrainians and Americans, Michelle notes the cultural orientation toward science and the development of one’s intellectual powers.»

Two other interviews have subsequently been published by the NDLM and associated groups.

Much of the discussion with the youth centered around the necessity of a Vernadskian view of politics and economics. Only this outlook would allow Ukraine to avoid being used as a pawn in the geopolitical manipulations of the British Empire’s.

Said one of the conference organizers, «Their contribution was wonderful, and every single participant in the Student Republic was aware of their presence, and it made a lot of people start thinking and put aside the stereotypes they get from the mass media.»

After this event, Sky and Michelle traveled 11 hours by train to the city of Odessa, where they were guests of Dr. Yuri Yurchenko of the Institute of the Noosphere, also visiting a laboratory which studies the marine biology of the southern seas. Lyndon LaRouche had emphasized that the antidote to the recent foolishness from politicians and economists in Russia is to be found in reviving the scientific tradition of, particularly, Russia and Ukraine. Russia will not survive, pursuing the empty promise of profiting solely from the oil exports, but requires a policy of technological advance, and physical investment in large-scale infrastructure projects organized around the increase of physical productivity.  This clear prescription from LaRouche is something which is understood best by those layers in Russia, Ukraine, and elsewhere who have some degree of scientific competence. The level of scientific competence in these layers Shields and Lerner met with was thus made most clear by their complete emotional and intellectual attachment to the ideas of Lyndon LaRouche. At the end of one presentation, Dr. Yurchenko added his impassioned observation that, though he had been studying Vernadsky for years in the Ukraine, he had to travel to the United States in order to find a movement which was actually interested in implementing the ideas of this great Russian-Ukrainian scientist!

From Odessa, the LYM organizers arrived Aug. 26 in Kremenchuk, Poltava Region, where they addressed a group of professors from the Kremenchuk Polytechnical University, at an event cosponsored by the Kremenchuk Regional Museum, run by Vernadsky specialist A.A. Ignatenko, about which we reported in EIR of May 1, 2009. 

The entire audience was intimately familiar with the ideas of Lyndon LaRouche, with people jumping up to wave their treasured copies of LaRouche’s books and 21st Century Science and Technology magazine. Much of the discussion centered around the mass strike ferment within the United States, and LaRouche’s leading role.  The attendees listened attentively and asked serious questions, and it was clearly the case that their understanding of the possibility of organizing the Four Powers agreement from the United States hinged on the outcome of this political ferment.

Shields and Lerner took time in Kiev, at the end of their visit, for two days of intense discussions with friends from political and university circles, including some young people who are becoming increasingly active in studying and promoting LaRouche’s ideas.


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