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30-04-2012 / всі теми /  м. Київ

Citizen — is the one of whom depend on public affairs?

Громадянин — це той, від кого залежать державні справи? (укр)
Гражданин — это тот, от кого зависят государственные дела? (рус)
Der Bürger ist ein Person, von wem die Staatsangelegenheiten abhängen (de)

19-21 April 2012 in Kiev were trained winners of Studrespublika 2011 — members of the Student Parliament and Student President of Ukraine.

Participants held a training meeting with representatives of the Ukrainian political establishment, acquainted with the work of higher authorities, talking with experts and wise men visited an Orthodox monastery.

A common topic of discussion this year’s internship was relevant, but debatable statement: «The citizen — is the one who influences public affairs.»

Young leaders met with several prominent political figures: Advisor to the President-Head of the Department of Humanitarian and Socio-Political Issues of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Hanna Herman, authorized representative of Office of the Prime Minister of Ukrainian Government of Ukraine Anatoliy Tolstoukhov, Head of the Political Party «Civic position» Anatoliy Grytsenko, Chairman of the Political Party «Ukraine — Go!» Natalia Korolevska and her deputy Yevhen Suslov, Head of Committee of the Party Control of Political Party «Front for Changes» Andriy Pyshnyy, Deputy Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of Political Party «UDAR» (meaning punch or strike in ukr.) Volodymyr Kurennyy, Head of the Control and Revision Commission of People’s Democratic Party — Oleh Petrov.

The Republicans also met with reputable experts: the President of the Center for Social and Conservative Policy (Ukraine) Yury Lipchevsky, Dr. Volodymyr Nikitin, Public Leader of Studrespublika Pavlo Viknyanskyy.

Each meeting was accompanied by interesting discussions around the question of the essence of the concept of the citizen. Important social and political issues, possible solutions to the problems and the role of the youth for nation were discussed.

In addition, participants visited the Holy Trinity Ioninsky Monastery, simulated negotiations and tested mutual confidence by playing in a certain psychological game «Red and Blue.»

So how were trained? It all started on April 19 meeting with philanthropist, President of the Center for Social and Conservative Policy (Ukraine), businessman, member of partner Counsil at Studrespublika Yury Lipchevsky, who offered no trivial opinion on the discussions and did not agree with the thesis of «citizen — is the one of whom depend public affairs. » According to Mr. Lipchevsky, the state should have a minimum of functions necessary to build a liberal economy.

Training continued meeting with deputies of Ukraine, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Industrial and Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship, the Leader of a Political Party «Ukraine — Go!» Natalia Korolevska and her deputy — Deputy of Ukraine Yevhen Suslov. During the meeting, was held a lively discussion of the political situation in Ukraine and the opportunities that have young people taking part in political life.

At the end of the day the participants met with a monk of Holy Trinity Ioninsky Monastery, Archimandrite Joasaph, interesting and open personality, who unmasked not one of stereotypes of Orthodoxy, discussing issues such as the introduction of Christianity in Kievan Rus, the values and features of the confession, stressed importance of social activity of christians. After talking, Studrespublikans participated in the Youth Tea Party, which traditionally takes place in the Monastery every Thursday and is traditionally attended by interns.

Friday morning began with a meeting with advisor to the President of Ukraine, Head of the Department of Humanities, Social and Political issues of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Hanna Herman, who in addition to proposals for cooperation, surprised participants by fantastic gifts from her own library — rare edition of 1937, the «History of Ukrainian Culture» by Ivan Tyktora. In addition, Ms. Herman offered Studrespublika to prepare several projects together with the authorities, including design for such important things as national revision of monuments of Taras Shevchenko, which is unfortunately still absent in Ukraine.

In continuation of fruitful work, next day young leaders visited Kyiv City State Administration, where learned about the specifics of the Main Department of Family, Youth and Sports and preparation to Euro-2012.

Intense day continued by meeting of the Parliament of Ukraine of III and IV convocation, chairman of the Control and Audit Commission of People’s Democratic Party, Chairman of the Ukrainian Youth Aerospace Association «Constellation» and the Member of Parner Council of Studrespublika Oleh Petrov. During the discussion were raised not only issues of socio-economic situation in Ukraine, but also the topic of modernization, development prospects of our space industry.

Further training for participants continued by meeting with deputy of Ukraine, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on National Security and Defence, leader of Political Party «Civic position» Anatoliy Grytsenko. Anatoliy raised the degree of discussion and analyzed the global crisis we all are observing  now. He stressed that Ukraine is a passive hostage in all these processes, without powerful influence. Attention was paid to discussing the situation in the Ukrainian army, which, according to policy, was led to the condition that it is not able to perform its tasks even in peacetime.

The meeting seemed to be lively with a member of the party political council «Front for Changes», the committee chairman of the party control of the party Andriy Pyshnyy, who stressed the importance of the unification process between opposition parties and the role of the youth in building the future of Ukraine.

At the end of the day Student Parliament and Student President took part in the game «Red and Blue,» which had a deputy of the Kyiv Regional Council and former chairman of AUNGYO «Students ‘Republic’ Party Partner Council of Studrespublika Volodymyr Krutko, representative of the» Principles of Freedom»(international movement «Initiatives for Change»), Daryna Kolesnyk. Participants of the game have discovered new concepts such as trust, understanding common cause, improved their skills for conducting business negotiations.

On Saturday Morning participants attended the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, where they met with former Minister of the Government of Ukraine, adviser and authorized representative of the Prime Minister of Ukraine in Government of Ukraine, member of Council of Studrespublika Anatoliy Tolstoukhov. At the meeting, answering questions, Anatoliy warmly and friendly told story of his life and a situation where he had to make difficult but principled decision. The best gifts are discs with recordings of the songs on the words of Anatoliy Tolstoukhov and exclusive presentation of the new poetry of the author.

Then was a visit to the headquarters of the party «Shoot of Vitali Klitschko,» and meeting with Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Party, people’s deputy of Ukraine of V convocation, political consultant Volodymyr Kurennyy. He thoroughly answered questions, spoke about the political position of «Shoot of Vitali Klitschko» and assured of great attention of Vitali Klitschko to the needs and interests of young people.

Further tireless Studrespublikans met with program director of the School Policy and Public Administration of University of Toronto, Professor Irwin Studin (Canada), who spoke about his contribution to the work on reforming the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine, and offered to young talents to apply for membership in the Academy. He noted that the aim of these reforms is to change the political culture in Ukraine and education professionals, civil servants.

Despite the loaded schedule, Studparliament Studpresident with extraordinary attention worked during a meeting with Dr. ofculture, the founder of the project «Foundation for future», expert of Studrespublika Volodymyr Nikitin. Volodymyr Afrykanovych actually summed up the work of several days: held a digression into the history of the phenomenon of citizenship in a mythical ancient times and development approaches to citizenship in the Middle Ages till the present. Known thinker often made «marginal notes» not on the main theme — he simply shared experiences, but didn’t instruct anybody.

And finally an interesting and fruitful training meeting was held with the participation of members of the Student Parliament, Student President and top management of Studrespublika, they discussed issues of further action of Studrespublika.

Training was organized by NGO «Student republic» with support of fund «Stable Ukraine» and the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University.

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