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07-08-2014 / Новини Cтудреспубліки /  м. Київ

Who will now bring the peace to Ukraine?

Хто ж в Україні зараз мир понесе?

Such extremely important question was raised by the republikan leader Pavlo Viknyanskyy in his speech at the roundtable discussion «For united, happy Ukraine!» An initiator of the event in Kiev was The Association of Christian Writers of Ukraine, representatives of public organizations, clergy, media, cultural workers, celebrity participated.

By the way, among those who had made speeches on 13th of June in 2014 were the composer Volodymyr Bystryakov, the Miss Ukraine 2013 Anna Zayachkivska, the Miss Ukraine 2007 Lika Roman, the National Artist of Ukraine, the first Minister of Culture of Ukraine Larysa Khorolets, the opera singer, the soloist of the New York City Opera Olexandra Hrabova, the National Artist of the USSR, the laureate of the Taras Shevchenko Award Valeriy Stepanyan-Grygorenko etc.  In the conclusion of the event its resolution was approved. 

We’re publishing the Pavlo Viknyanskyy speech is extracts.

Nowadays the main deals are not in the banzai-patriotism and are not to get exciting how everything is nice: public activists have activated etc. The civil war is going on, let’s be honest. It is possible — till it’s slow-going (such Russian word exists) — to stop it till the time being it’s too late starts — or it will destroy Ukraine! If it survives, for always this pain, this huge pain will leave such vestiges, which I think we can hardly overcome and go through.  

It is naively to think that there are only friends around Ukraine. In this situation in fact we are face to face with the whole world: we are face to face with who manipulates us, let’s be honest — this is The West, we are face to face with our ex-strategic partner – Russia which has become an aggressor. And where are we? Each person, as growing up, if he or she is not already a child wants to have subjectivity, wants to have an independence, including from the parents. Let’s become truly independent! 

How? It is the important question: how can we go to the constructive phase with all the problems that there are now? I am absolutely convinced that the main issue is a difficult challenge which we must overcome all together. This is the challenge of the Gospel that «peacemakers are blessed». It seems so simple… but God has emphasized this singly! So, who are peacemakers? The hero is not the one who wins the war; the hardest is to one who brings the peace. Who will bring peace to Ukraine now? Will these respectful, interesting, intelligent, spiritual people who are sitting here, really carry the peace?  Will not tell that «we live in the West of Ukraine, or even on the Maidan know better how to develop Ukraine». And will also hear that «we have been decided something for ourselves in the so-called new «republics» there» and «we do not want to ask the average Ukrainian citizens, among those in Eastern Ukraine, what do we need to do?»

A huge responsibility and danger exists. In this situation, when both sides are wounded up (I’m not analyzing where the most part of people are, it does not matter), when a person dies, and children die – it is terrible, when one shows to another one, «You are guilty, no, this is your fault!» all are guilty! And it is the responsibility of the whole society, I agree in this case with Mr. Bystryakov — and it is my responsibility as well, as a person who makes a lot for training and developing a leadership among the young generation. It is pity, but the all criminal political class does not realize that! 

And it is necessary to be honest: there are prospect on the new President Poroshenko! But he is a part of the criminal class so far. He is and has been its sponsor many years; he was one of the founders of the Party of Regions, which a lot of people here want to destroy now.  And if we take everything naively as a child (and then there will be a lot of blood!), it means we will go through the same grief again…

So I suggest everyone not to relax. Using the public mechanisms, do not weaken a public pressure. And only realizing, as we, Studrespublika, require The Strategy-2050 for Ukraine!

How does our country have to be? Ukraine must develop an IT sector, it should have a new metallurgy, a new industrialization, a new agro-industrial complex, a new quality of a humanitarian policy and among this – it should be an agreement on values ​​in the country. Otherwise we tell again that the ones are heroes on the East, the others are heroes on the West – and we argue again…

And I am sure that the debate about the future – it is totally grateful work. This is the thing which will help us to unite around wonderful, happy, only Ukraine, the Ukraine, in which we believe. It is Ukraine — one of the top 20th of the most developed countries. God has given us everything for this, so we do not have to lose this opportunity…

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Автор: Press-service of Studrespublika