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06-08-2014 / всі теми /  Україна

Studrespublika-2014 is the only hope of the future of Ukraine

Студреспубліка-2014: єдина надія для майбутнього України (укр)
Студреспублика-2014: единственная надежда для будущего Украины (рус)

Here cherished dreams come true!
Here tomorrow starts!

23-26 August 2014 at the seaside of the Black Sea in the kids camp «Cosmos» (Mykolayiv region, Berezanka district, Rybakivka resort) meet the final of XVI Studrespublika in a new format — more content, less entertainment. The situation in the country makes us not only analyze what exactly happened and point fingers but think about model of Ukraine in the new world order as well.  

The theme of the program is triggered by extremely complicated current situation in Ukraine. It`s late to blame each other, instead of it we have got to find a way out of the crisis in order to preserve the integrity of the country, for the future of Ukraine, for the sake of peace and prosperity of the Ukrainians. For a long time we have been working on the Strategy of Ukraine–2050. This question is critically important nowadays, because we are doomed without clear understanding of the long-term development of the country.

Why are you obliged to be on the Final of Studrespublіka-2014? Because in this year Studrespublіka will be completely different. This is the most extensive annual youth event in Ukraine and at the same time — the most intellectual. During the first day and a half you will participate only in intellectual game. And then a multi-festival part will begin. You will be able to take part in «Mafia», Amateur Video Festival, Photo-competition, «Night party», «Day party» and many other activities. Also the winners of «The First Lady», the best in «Music Live Awards» and many other competitions in the various sub-fests will be decided.

You can meet a lot of old and new friends from all over Ukraine and abroad, powerful experts and other interesting personalities.

In the intellectual activities Studrespublika participants will be given the opportunity to be somebody special, unusual, somebody impossible in real life. It is important that this year`s game is not just a game, but a platform where you can talk openly and boldly about rational things, analyze the causes and seek realistic solutions to make peace and unity of Ukraine.

Attention! In order to become a true and fully functional citizen of the national state called Students` Republic, one must pass the mandatory online registration.

The assistance in the work, meaningful discussions and open classes will be provided by known experts (a list is under updating): Fr. Antonii Rudyi, Serhiy Datsyuk, Natalia Davydova, Serhiy Grabskyi, Vyacheslav Igrunov (Russia), Yuri Ivanov, Alexander Ktitorchuk, Oleksandr Lozovytskyy, Olha Mykhailova, Andrii Okara (Russia), Vadym Vasyutynskyy and others.

Students Republic has its own laws, government, territory, currency, parties and other attributes of this free country. The most important phenomenon of the Program is a plan for the future of Ukraine. For over 16 years the events that have occurred at Studrespublika later occur in Ukraine. The confirming example is last year`s Final of Studrespublika.

That`s why you need to participate in the Final of Studrespublika-2014 and to be a part of creating a new world and a new Ukraine. We live in Ukraine and only our perseverance and common sense will influence the future.

 Studrespublika-2014 is extremely critical event of the year! Don`t miss your chance! Your mind and new thinking is needed in Ukraine.

For information contact: +38 (044) 529-13-75.
For media and partnership: brand-manager Vira Andriyuk +38 (097) 883 22 26, 
For organizational issues: project manager Ivan Ledchak +38 (063) 679 92 52,


Organizers: NGO «Students Republic» with the organization support of Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, Mykolayiv State Regional Administration.
Partners: Kaspersky, BIOKON, Impression, NDLM.
Information partners: TV channel «OTV», «Perets FM» stylish radio, «Den» newspaper, «7ia» all-Ukrainian weekly magazine, internet channel «Robinzon.tv».

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Автор: Press-service of Studrespublika