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08-08-2013 / всі теми /  Україна

Students’ Republic — 15 years for Ukraine!

Студреспубліка – «15 років для України!» (укр)
Студреспублика – «15 лет для Украины!» (рус)

Tomorrow begins here
Cherished dreams come true here!

On August 24-27, 2013 final XV anniversary Studrespublika waits for new participants and friends in the rest home Pryberezhnyj (Crimea, near Eupatoria). Besides the sea, the sun, and the fan, everybody is waiting for irrepressible development and further work on the Strategy-2050 for Ukraine as the multi-festival theme is "Future: from dream to the action plan" [+ video].

This year’s theme is a logical continuation of previous activities of Studrespublika. The strategy-2050 for Ukraine continues: we can write the actual plan under which the country can become truly strong independent world-wide leader!

Why you cannot omit the final of Studrespublika? Studrespublika celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. Also, this is the largest youth event in Ukraine with the most actual topics, with the greatest sub-festivals, with the hottest parties in non-stop rhythm, with the most competent experts and about 1000 active players from Ukraine and foreign counties.



And all of this in a game form where everyone has an opportunity to become someone special, the person who smb never has to be in real life: an utilities employee, a deputy, a policeman, a journalist… or even a president.

Attention! In order to become the real citizen of "Students’ Republic" state you have to pass a simple online registration (look for the participation conditions in it).

Traditionally multi-part of Studrespublika multi-festival consists of the most interesting sub-festivals, where you can compete in intellectual part of the game, sport part; show your beauty, and "party" from the dusk till dawn

You will find here:
— beauty contest "The First Lady" (Persha Lady);
— "Respublikada";

— "Nigtht Tusa" (Night Out) with DJ and PJ battles, Night open-air;
— "Quest-Fest";
— "Student`s Mafia";
— Amateur Video Festival;
— Photo-Contest;
— and
much more interesting (KVN Cup, Music LIVE Awards, «Mr. Studrespublika", "Debate", etc.).

The well-known experts as  Fr. Antony Rudyy, Vadym Vasyutynskyy, Serhiy Grabskyi, Mykhaylo Hryshchenko, Serhiy Datsyuk, Radu Carciumaru (Germany), Volodymyr Krutko, Oleksandr Ktytorchuk, Oleksandr Lozovytskyy, Serhiy Lysenko, Mykhaylo Minakov, Andriy Mishyn, Andriy Okara (Russia), Mykhaylo Prytula, Alena Sibiriakova, Marina Skorikova (Russia), Mykhaylo Chaplyha and others will guide job on the right way, carry out facultatives and meaningful discussions.

The state "Students’ Republic" has its own laws, government, territory, currency, parties and other attributes of the real free country. The most important phenomenon of the program is projecting the future of Ukraine. The events that happen on Studrespublika are events that subsequently take place in Ukraine afterwards during 15 years.

But this is not the end. Plenty of pleasant surprises and crazy pranks are waiting for the guests of the multi-festival. After this, the program runs under the slogan "15 years for Ukraine!". That’s why it is better to see on your own that will happen on the final part of Studrespublika than hear about it from someone and regret the missing opportunity of going there. This incredible anniversary Studrespublika and you have no right to miss it!

Celebrate Independence Day of Ukraine in your own state which called "Studrespublika"!

≥15 sub-festivals
≥15 experts,
≥15 surprises
are waiting for you!


For information contact: +38 (044) 529-13-75.
For media and partnership: brand-manager Andriyuk Vira +38 (097) 883 22 26, brand-manager@studrespublika.com.
For organizational issues: project manager Olha Kovalenko +38 (067) 234 01 94.


Organizers: NGO "Students’ Republic” with the support of organizing committee of Sustainable Ukraine foundation.
Organization support: Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Also, support is provided by the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine.
Partners: SUN InBev UkraineKaspersky, Biocon, Slanovskiy, Nai Lu-na by Anastasiya Ivanova, NDLM.

Information partners: TV channel "Kultura", “Perets FM” stylish radio, “Den” newspaper, “7ia” all-Ukrainian weekly magazine, news agency "Nagolos".


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Автор: Прес-служба Студреспубліки