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26-03-2014 / всі теми /  Україна

Relying on people and progressive experiments is the unique positive way for Ukraine

Опора на народ и прогрессивные эксперименты — единственный позитивный путь для Украины (рус)
Опора на народ і прогресивні експерименти – єдиний позитивний шлях для України (укр)

«Dynamic decentralization», «virtual sovereignty», «platform for social and technological innovation», «food security» – that’s the future scenario that will finally allow Ukraine to become effective state. The participants of «VI Winter Studrespublika» worked on it 21-24 March 2014 in a beautiful location on the shores of Lake Synevir in Transcarpathia. The game’s subject is «The next step (for Ukraine and the world)».

During this extremely difficult for Ukraine period, active citizens from different regions worked in order to find the next step Ukraine needs to take to overcome the current crisis and to be known worldwide as a strong and progressive state.


In order to organize an effective work, Taras Plakhtiy, an expert on social network type structures and a participant of several «Winter Studrespublika» had a lecture «Social and political organization in metaphors».

During the game, participants were offered 4 main fields that make up the whole picture of the desired changes in Ukraine:

● dynamic decentralization — the necessity to transfer financial and power authority to the local level. This path requires a flexible and rapid renegotiation of interaction between the community and the "center" on a contractual basis, thus creating the possibility of special conditions for each region;

virtual sovereignty — the organization of decision-making and decision-implementation by communities of all levels through electronic voting and governance, implementation mechanisms of direct and expertise democracy;

platform for socio-technical innovation — Ukraine needs to support a maximum variety of non-mainstream areas of science and create the conditions for approval of these experiments in Ukraine, the state also needs to give the opportunities for work for the best scientists in the world in these areas in our country, but with national experts, it needs to implement social innovation, which still lacks the courage to so-called developed societies;

food security — the implementation of a set of actions to raise the amount of food production and the food industry in Ukraine, at least double it  while maintaining soil fertility, other goal is to become a leader for the creation of «grain’s OPEC» for the world.


The organizational-activity game was very challenging, which is understandable because of the situation in the country. It seemed that there wasn’t hope anymore; thieves and infantilism lead again to earlier proven Ukrainian scenario of ataman and split.


At the end of «Winter Studrespublika» when a plan should have been presented to implement the development strategy of the future for Ukraine and the world in different ways, all of a sudden there was a default. The republicans lost "Force of power" (unit of assessment in WiSR), their balance was negative. Participants began negotiating with creditors to make believe them in order to obtain a credit, but it did not happen. The game had to be closed and it was necessary to fix the failure of the project of the state in its present form…


But then the players got the idea that the only one who can help in this case — it’s not the Americans, EU, Putin or any politicians — it is only themselves, that is, People. Citizens offered to donate their own savings to rescue the catastrophic situation in the game, but in reality, the whole Ukraine. The plan worked: the participants made donations of money, gadgets, jewelry — the debts were repaid. The guarantees of obligations before the people were men of honor — the security forces with the support of the people of wisdom — intellectuals.


Moreover — People decided to invest part of their wealth in developing and implementing a progressive agenda for the country.

Next, there is successfully presented the final scheme, which is the synergy of 4 progressive steps for Ukraine and the world.

After the game there was an award ceremony for participants and winners of WiSR-VI. The third and second place won Oleh Slyzko and Julia Bobyr from Poltava. The winner of «VI Winter Studrespublika» was Oleh Derenuga from Mykolayiv. In addition to diplomas, there also were other awards: tablets from a partner — Company Impression and useful books by Bohdan Hawrylyshyn, a world-known economist, a member of Affiliate council of Students Republic.

The games of Studrespublika usually have predictive function about what will happen in Ukraine, and according to the results of WiSR-VI, we can conclude that we should expect very difficult period: the escalation of the conflict will continue, the way of development is possible only when we reach the «bottom» and citizens will show joint responsibility. Then the country will be ready for useful and bold experiments to help it not only to overcome the crisis, but also to become an exporter of ideas to the world.

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Автор: Press-service of Studrespublika