(english version)


Clause 1

1. Student Republic is a student mini-state with its own territory, legislation, government body and other attributes. Student Republic consists of student’s hostels. Power belongs to the Student Mayor, Student Council and Judge. 

2. Elections of Student Mayor and deputies of Student Council are realized through the common, equal and direct right to vote by means of secret ballot. Voting box is placed at open and available place by the Territorial election committee.

3. The participation at Student Mayor and Student Council elections is free-will. Nobody can be made to participate or not participate at elections.

4. The terms of carrying out the electoral campaign and voting at Student Republic are defined by an active Council of Student Republic.

5. The Judge of Student’s hostels at Student Republic is appointed by the Organizational Committee.

Clause 2 

1. The suffrage at elections of The Student Mayor and deputies of the Student Council have only citizens of Student’s hostels who have got the passport of the Student Republic’s citizens.

2. To slate to the post of Student Mayor, deputies of Student council at the Student’s hostels of Student Republic have a right only citizens who are noted at lists of the Institutes of high education. Lists must be signed by Organizational Committee.

Clause 3

Every voter has only one vote at Student Mayor and Student Council elections.

Clause 4 

The subjects of electoral process are:

1) Citizens of Student’s hostels;

2) Territorial election committee, formed according to the Fundamental law

3) Parties;

4) Student mayor and his staff, Student mayor and Judge.

Clause   5

1. The right of creating parties belongs to citizens of Student’s hostels who are registered at the Organizational Committee at Student’s hostels.

2. The party has to consist no less than of 15 citizens of Student’s hostels who are representatives no less than of 3 Institutes of high education.

3. The following documents are proffered for registration to the post of Student Mayor;

—  the application about creating the party from party founders, with indication of their names and surnames ; dates of their birth; their location; Institutes of high education, where they are studying.

— the protocol of adjusting conference of the party with indication of the structure of administrative party bodies;

— the list of all party members with indication of names and surnames and Institute of high education where they are studying with their signs;

— party program.

4. The right of nomination of candidates on the post of Student Mayor has the parties, blocs of parties and the candidate himself by means of self-nomination.

5. To reach their own aims parties may unite into party blocs. The Territorial election committee has to be reported in written form about adjusting conference of party bloc.


6. The following documents have to be proffered to the Territorial election committee for creating party blocs:

-the application with indication of bloc name, parties-components of the blocs.

-protocols of conferences of parties-components of the bloc about creating party bloc.

-interparty conference protocol about creating the bloc.


7. Every party (bloc) may nominate only one candidate to the post of Student Mayor. Party-component of the bloc may not nominate on its own from the bloc its candidate to the post of Students Mayor.


8. For registration of the candidate to the post of Student Mayor the party proffers:

-two applications from the party head and the candidate himself;

-protocol about party conference about nomination of the candidate;

-candidate program;

-autobiography of the candidate.

Party bloc proffers:

-two applications from the bloc coordinator and the candidate himself;

-protocol about interparty conference about nominating the candidate;

-candidate program;

-autobiography of the candidate.

The candidate to the post of Student Mayor may also to register in the territorial election committee by means of self-nomination. For this he proffers:

-application in person;

-no less than forty signs of the citizens of Student’s hostels;


-candidate program. 


9. Parties (blocs) form the election list of the candidates in deputies of Student Council from the party (blocs). The election list is registered in the territorial election committee with following documents:

-the election list with indication of names and surnames; dates of birth; location; the institutes of higher education; Party membership from every candidate in deputies of Student Council;

-protocol about conference (interparty conference) about nomination of the election list.


10. The Student Council of Student’s hostels consists of ten deputies (for the city of Kiev, Dnipropetrovs’k, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Odesa, Lviv regions of Ukraine — fifteen).


Clause 6


1.   The begin of election process is announced by territorial election committee according to the terms that are determined by Student Council and Student Mayor.

2.   The election process includes such stages:

·        Creation of parties;

·        Creation of territorial election committee;

·        Registration of election lists of deputy contenders of Student Council and to the post of Student Mayor;

·        Carrying out of  election campaign;

·        Voting;

·        Counting of votes and determination of voting results;

3.   Voting is carried out in one stage.

4.   The candidate is considered elected who made up the simple majority vote of voters who took part in voting;

5.   The floors in Student Council are allotted to voting results according to proportional system in accordance with number of votes that were given to every party (bloc). If the number of given votes for election list of party (bloc) were less than 15% from overall one, who took part in voting, any member of election list of that party doesn’t get to Student Council.


6.   One official observer from candidates to the post of Student Mayor and one from every election list may watch the process of voting and counting of votes.


7.   Election process ends with official announcement by territorial election committee of voting results of Student Mayor and deputies of Student Council.


Clause 7

        1.       Territorial election committee is established in accordance with terms that are determined by Student Mayor and Student Council.


2.       Territorial election committee is formed of party and organizational committee representatives. Territorial election committee consists of 5 persons. Every party may delegate one of its members to territorial election committee, 4 members of territorial election committee are determined by casting of these delegates.


3.       Permissions of territorial election committee:


          provides the preparation and carrying out of elections of Student Mayor and deputies of Student Council;

          decides the question about registration or taking down from registration of lists of parties (blocs);

          provides the creation of ballots for voting and its entire delivery to election area;

          approves the texts of election ballots;

          consider complaints, appeals and applications concerning the preparation and carrying out of elections, and makes about them reasonable decision;

          carries out the counting of votes, establishment of voting results and results of elections of Student Mayor and deputies of Student Council in terms that are determined by Student Mayor and Student Council;

          announces newly-elected Student Mayor and deputies of Student Council;

          decides other questions in accordance with Fundamental Law.


4.       Members of territorial election committee have not right to take part in agitation against the candidate to the post of Student Mayor and deputies of Student Council.


5.       Representation in territorial election committee can be suspended before the appointed time on the grounds of infringement of the Main law. The decision about pre-term interruption of the TEC member’s activity is taken by the majority of voices of committee members. An issue about pre-term interruption of activity of CEC member can be raised also by the Judge.


Clause 8

        1.         The TEC decides the question about registration  or taking down the registration in case of infringement of the Main law of main candidates to the post of Students Mayor and deputies of Student Council;

 2.         The cause for taking down the party from registration  by the power of Student’s hostels can be:

             -the decision of party conference about its liquidation or reorganization about what an application with confirmative protocol is submitted to TEC.

-the Main law infringement;

     3.   The cause of taking down the candidates to the post of Student Mayor and deputies of Student Council from registration can be:

 -the application of the candidate to the post of Student Mayor and deputies                                         

of Student Council submitted to TEC;

-the party (bloc) list can be taken down by party (interparty) conference decision and after that according application with confirmative protocol.

-the Main law infringement;

-drinking alcohol and taking drugs within Student’s hostels.


3.         Within Student’s hostels light drinks and beer are not considered as alcoholic drinks.


 Clause 9

1. All the forms of agitation is allowed for or against the candidates , if they are not contradicting the Ukrainian law ,the Main law and are not offending honor and dignity of candidates , members of TEC and Student’s hostels power and other citizens of Student’s hostels.

2. All the agitation materials must be registered at TEC before their spreading.

TEC and Student’s hostels power must be informed about public activity in written form in 20 minutes before enterprise.


Clause 10


1.       The chiefs designated by Student Council’s administration are included into the Student Mayor’s staff. All the members of Student Mayor’s staff are discharged and appointed according to Student Mayor’s order.


2.       Student Mayor and Student Council enter the privileges from the moment of official announcement of voting results of Student Mayor and Student Council.


3.       All the complaints on the actions of particular citizens, power bodies, TEC, parties (blocs) of Student’s hostels can be lodged by citizens to the Judge who makes the final decision which can not be the subject of appeal.


1. Common regulations.

1.1     Economic relations are regulated by this Regulation at Student Republic.

1.2     New student economic policy (NSEP) works within Student Republic.

1.3     Monetary unit of NSEP – shara.

1.4     The subjects of NSEP are:

-Student Enterprises (SE)

-Structural subdivisions of Student Republic Government: Registration Committee, Supervision Committee, Notary, Student Shara Bank (SSB)

-Political parties

-Teams from institutes of higher education.

     1.5 Student Republic territory is free economic zone — without taxes.

     1.6 The participation of Student Republic citizens in NSEP is free-will.


    2. Student enterprises.

     2.1Student enterprise (SE) is free-will Student Republic’s citizens union who wants to increase   their well-being by means of uprightness.

 2.2 Only citizens of Student Republic who are not taking the administrative                  

posts at Student Political parties can be founders of SE.

 2.3 Political party can not be the founder of SE.

 2.4 The registration order of SE:

2.4.1 SE can be registered in the presence of no less than five founders and    statute fund with its minimal size of 50 shar, which are handed in Student Republic’s Notary.

 2.4.2 SE is registered at the Registration Committee.

2.4.3 SE is registered in the presence of application signed by Student Republic’s Notary.

 2.4.4 The Notary sign application about SE registration just in the presence of all SE founders’ signs and minimal statute fund.

2.4.5 At the registration of SE the Registration Committee is obliged to hand Documentary evidence   about SE registration, where the type of SE activity will be indicated.

   2.5 SE can be occupied with only one type of activity.

   2.6 SE has the right to possess the information which is necessary to its    activity.

  2.7 SE forms its commercial relations as with natural persons- Student Republic’s citizens, so with Political parties and Government, through Supervision Committee.

  2.8 In the case of accordance of goods and services to Political parties SE is obliged to draw up a contract with these Political parties about accordance of goods and services.

    2.9 SE is obliged to deliver to Supervision Committee financial report about results of commercial activity between SE and Political party within usage of financial fund for election campaign in term determined by Supervision Committee.

    2.10 At the end of its activity  SE is obliged to hand  to Supervision Committee an information about received income to determine the rate of SE. SE with the highest rate gets the name of “The best Student enterprise of Student Republic” and  reward.

     2.11 SE can get citizens of Student Republic to work, to give an employment or discharge.

     2.12 SE is obliged to pay a hire to its workers.

    2.13 SE can get a credit for developing its activity at Student Shara Bank on conditions of returning and material deposit (in hryvnia or valuable propriety)

     2.14 SE divides its income how it wants after accordance of information about income to Supervision Committee.